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what creativity is to me

What creativity is to me by Jessica Andersdotter
– Having ideas
– Having no ideas
– Creating new things
– Creating something and realising someone else has created it before
– To be brave
– To be scared
– Believing in yourself
– Doubting yourself
– Staying up all night creating
– Staying up all night procrastinating
– Not being able to sleep because you have so many ideas
– Not being able to sleep because you have no ideas
– Everything
– Nothing

Creativity is a rollercoaster. You never know what up or down or upside down you’ll be the next day, but you just have to work it the best you can. It’s messy, but you just have to embrace that mess. (Read here about why you should keep your ideas in an ordered mess. It’s really interesting. Creative Something is my new favourite website.)

Honestly though, I really like this definition from Creative Something:

“Imagination allows us to think of things that aren’t real or around us at any given time, creativity allows us to do something meaningful with our imaginations.”

I might remove meaningful though. I’m not so sure it has to be meaningful to be creative.
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  • Reply Kristin 9 February, 2016 at 16:10

    Gah, det här inlägget var verkligen precis vad jag behövde läsa just nu! Har känt mig vansinnigt okreativ på senare och vill försöka komma igång och vet inte var jag ska börja och och och … Påminnelsen om att man kan vara både modig och rädd, både ha idéer och inte och så vidare. Ja. Tack!

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