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my recent obsession: mountains

My sister has been obsessed with mountains for as long as I can remember. She’s a skiing enthusiast and loves snowy peaks and snowy slopes and just snowy anything. (When she turned 18 and got a pair of skis she kept them in her bed for a few weeks :)))) Anyway, she’s gonna have to share mountains from now on, because I’m obsessed too!!!
Cosmic by Jessica Andersdotter
My most recent mountain is this one – “Cosmic” (named that because I was listening to Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine when I named it – my naming process isn’t that complicated haha). I’ve liked the kind of low-poly look for a while, but haven’t really explored it in any 3D-software yet, but you know what, I can make triangles happen in Illustrator too!!
I then added different parts of this image from a while back to every triangle.

It actually all started with this picture for The Crate Challenge on Hitrecord, where I thought the distorted image I used would look cool as a mountain texture, and I just quickly drew up a silhouette. Click here for the resources I used.I then went on to make Comet II.
Light by Jessica Andersdotter
And then I made this diamond and didn’t like how it looked like just all on its own so I made some mountains to go with it. And I liked them so much I made them into their own picture. If you look closely you can see that I’ve reused the mountains from the diamond one hhehehehehe… :)))))))) Don’t tell anyone. (This is Echoes I btw.)I then used an old distorted image that looked like opals or something and used as a sky in this! “Opalescent”.
Later on I decided I wanted something to go with Echoes I (which was just named Echoes then) and made Echoes II & III. :D

And that’s about it. I think I’ll create a lot more mountains in the future, because they’re so prettyyyyyyyy!!!

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the fawn

So I told you in my creative life #9 that I had been struggling creatively that week (I’m not anymore – I’m on FIRE right now) and that I got the advice to use a different material to get the creativity flowing again! So I took out my Super Sculpey clay and made a little fawn. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! Well I had fun making the clay shape, not so much painting it. Stupid paint. Anyway, here are some very fancy pictures of it.  Fawn + fern = <3 I’ve actually put it under a bell jar! Cute huh? I want something for it to stand on though!Put my bunny under the other bell jar and now they’re stood in the living room being all cuuuuuuuute!!

I struggled so much when I was making it for it not to look like a 1) dog 2) fox 3) idk. But I think I got there in the end, even if the head isn’t perfectle fawnshaped. But yeah! I’m happy!

And that was it for this time!

my creative life

my creative life #9

I’ve struggled this week. I’ve wanted to create, but everything just felt stupid and boring. So I complained a lil bit about it on Instagram a few days ago, and got the advice to try creating with a diferent technique!

And I mean, 2 years ago that would’ve been so obvious to me. That’s what I did back then, jumping from technique to technique trying completely new things constantly. I even challenged myself to only use one technique for a month a few years ago and found it so limiting and honestly it was a real struggle. And here I am after creating almost exclusively digitally – most of it with the exact same method as well – for months and months and I’m surprised I have a creative block. WEIRD HUH. 
So yeah, I took the advice and picked up the SuperSculpey I got for Christmas. And I made a lil fawn. <3 Here it is before I painted it! I almost prefer it like that, because paint is stupid and wouldn’t do what I wanted it to!!!!!!!! Stupid paint. Anyway, I’ll show you the finished thing in a few days!  Sometimes when I’m making abstract things I cheat a little bit. Well it’s not exactly cheating, it’s just a shortcut. I use the same picture to start with twice. Like the two above! Moa and Josie. And then I fell back into the black hole of being totally bored with what I usually created, and I tried to ~spice it up~ with a mountain! Actually really like this one so I guess it isn’t all bad! This is “Departure”.  The same day I made some different mountains! Comet II. Actually realised I could make mountains like that (really simple with the polygonal lasso tool in PS) when I made this one for The Crate Challenge this week! Here is a link to the resources I used for this image. Also – this is a bit random as it doesn’t really have anything to do with this week – but I have business cards! Had them made for the exhibition I was part of a while back, and I think I handed out quite a few! Left some of them in the gallery as well hehe. Here’s what they look like! I probs should’ve written “artist” in Swedish on them instead of English though as two people have asked me why I’m calling myself an artist, thinking I meant like a performing/music/whatever artist haha. :(
Also spent like a proper hour and a half on makeup one day. Mostly because I failed a few times. Used a bunch of different eyeshadows that aren’t visible here, and added some dots under the eyes! Very “hip” according to a friend. Haha.

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Erica Coburn and her dreamy photographs and soothing light

I keep finding new and amazing artists recently. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY GREAT ONES OUT THERE.

My latest favourite is Irish photographer Erica Coburn. There is just such an intense dreaminess in her images. And the liiiiiiiiight. Ahh. It soothes me. Let’s take a look! There’s something about all of Erica’s work that makes me think of spring. Might just be because it’s spring right now. There’s warmth and safety and the smell of grass.   The colour palette is soft and natural but still out of this world, and it’s just so hard to describe!
Basically it’s all so soft and pretty and I just can’t take it.

Follow Erica Coburn on Facebook here. Other places: Instagram, Hitrecordblog, Flickr.