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how to: fluid painting

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For the Monthly Makers theme that was “Paint/Colour” I experimented with creating abstract art using acrylic paints diluted with water. (You can check that out here!) Since then I’ve wanted to try it again, but it requires quite a lot of room and an area that’s safe for splashings of paint, which means I just haven’t done it in a while. But I finally got the opportunity to start again and have spend a few months playing with this technique!

I used our dining room this time, and to make it paint safe I purchased a gigantic wax-cloth to protect the table. And it worked! So that’s a pro tip from me.

This is an amazing activity to do together with friends (I have since I started working with these tried it out with both my sister and Mikaela and they both found it a lot of fun – which it is!) and I thought I’d give you some advice about how to do it yourselves!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • acrylic paint
  • water
  • cups or bottles to mix the paint with water in (I use plastic cups but reuse them!)
  • something to mix with
  • canvases
  • a spray bottle (optional)
  • something to protect the surface you’re working on

When it comes to choice of paints I would advise you to pick something that isn’t too expensive because this takes quite a lot of paint! Pick some colours you like (or mix them yourself!) and just start playing around. I think it’s really pretty to mix in some metallic paints in it!

You can find paint and canvases to use for this project on Creativ Company’s website!

The most important thing to have when doing this though is a PLAYFUL ATTITUDE. Hehe. But honestly, this technique is at its best when you don’t have TOO MUCH of a plan and when you just let yourself follow along with the process! Like we got so messy and had so much fun with this (my sister started painting with her hands and just swooshing the paint around <3).

The process of fluid painting!

  1. Protect the surface you’re working on.
  2. Lift the canvas off of the surface using upside down cups under all four corners.
    This will stop the canvas from sticking to the paper/cloth under it when it dries!
  3. Mix acrylic paint with water.
    The ratio depends on the consistency of the paint you start with, but people seem to agree that the consistency you should aim for is that of melted ice cream. If it’s to watery the colours will mush together while it dries and turn out brown and muddy, and if it’s too thick it just wont blend.
  4. Pour the paint onto your canvas.
    I find that I get the best results if I pour the general shapes I want from the beginning and bigger areas of the same colour at once, but you can get cool effects by pouring thin lines and dots and stuff. Experiment!
  5. Tilt the canvas.
    To get the marbly cool patterns you just start tilting the canvas.
  6. Blow on the canvas.
    Blow on it just using your mouth, a straw or a hairdryer or just anything. This will move the paint around in different ways!
  7. Spray the canvas with the spray bottle.
    This can give really cool splatters and tiny marble patterns! Be careful though as this splashes paint everywhere haha.
  8. Keep experimenting – but know when to stop!
    My best advice (to myself and you) is to not get carried away with how FUN it is to watch the paint move around and pause to look at the painting while you’re working to know if it’s looking good and if it might be time to just stop. I’ve ruined my pieces many times by just adding more paint and tilting and tilting until it’s way too messy. Then again, if you just want to have a freaking enjoyable time – screw this and just enjoy it!
  9. Let it dry.
    It can take a while (especially if you’ve used a little too much paint or water (I’ve never done that of course because I’m a pro…….)) but be patient.
  10. Varnish it!
    Make sure it’s completely dry before you do this!! I was really disappointed the first few times as the wet paint was so rich in its colour and depth and when it dried it just looked matte and bland. And then I realised that I could just varnish it! It doesn’t look exactly the same (unless you varnish it like 50 times but who has time for that!) but it improves it a lot. Most importantly it makes dark colours really DARK again.

Bonus tips:
If you want to get different effects you can supposedly achieve cool ones by using alcohol and silicone, but I’ve never done so myself. Some people also mix paint with resin in some way which looks AMAZING but then again I know nothing about how this works. If you want to explore this further I would recommend the group on Facebook called “Let It Flow” which revolves around fluid painting!I also experimented with actually pouring varnish onto the canvas to make the paint blend with something that dried clear, which resulted in a way glossier end result! This is actually my favourite one I’ve made! Here’s what it looked like wet.

And here it is dry! 

My sister blew a lot on her canvas, both with and without a straw and she got these smaller patterns and general amazing result. 

Here’s her entire one!

I would really recommend this technique, it’s so meditative and fun at the same time! And while my results have varied (some have been a bit meh) I’ve kept improving and I really love the effect!!

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Explore the Global Goals @ Kastellet

  A little over a week ago I went on quite the adventure together with a friend. It was time for the opening of the exhibit Explore the Global Goals with Global Goals Lab and Quantified Planet. The exhibition is an intersection between art and tech, where we got to explore different projects that were working towards the global goals as well as see some art that interpreted them. It lasts until August 12 and is located at Kastellet in Vaxholm. Kastellet is an old fort which means the art was exhibited inside the room where they kept the gunpowder. It was an AMAZING room and impossible to get a good picture of. But trust me – it was cool  There was a little shop where they sold the solar cell lamp that Olafur Eliasson has worked on! It’s called Little Sun, and it’s a really interesting project where tech meets art! Read more about it here.  There was a lot of stuff to read at the exhibition, and everything was so interesting and/or upsetting. LIKE THIS like wtf.   Elin Engström had made a vest that weighed 8 kg = the amount of fabric we through away in a year per person. 
On a box in the middle there was this AMAZING wallpaper/pattern by Maja Sten. <3  We bought some ice cream in the shop when we were all “exhibited out” and sat on this bench! LOOK AT THE FLOWERS AND THE WALL ugh it was so amazing.  The view was okay.But rain was obviously on its way.

We then took the little cable ferry over to the main island and got on board the boat that would take us home to Stockholm again. It was an actual steamboat (where you could look through an open door and both see the engine and feel the heat from it). It was the FANCIEST boat as well, with wooden walls everywhere, painted patterns in the ceilings and red velvet seats.

It was a long but amazing and inspiring day! Such a great experience!!!

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So! The theme for Monthly Makers this month is Recycling (/Återbruk in Swedish) and I was really confused about what to make + really not inspired for the first two weeks so it’s been a rough one! I started to wrap some ugly boxes in wallpaper to make for some pretty storage, but I think the glue made them lose their shape so I can’t really put the lid back on now. :))) Which means I totally lost the motivation for that project!

So I started something new – something I had had as an idea since I learned what the theme was – to recycle an old picture. Like digitally. Because that’s my thing, as you may know. So I did! 

Recycled this picture of myself (hello!) from January last year. It’s a bit desaturated here for some reason (that was the file I found!) but you get the idea. 
I’ve also always liked how pixel sorting kind of looks like a dramatic waterfall sometimes, and wanted to use parts of it to create some kind of tears. I used this one, which is a version of an image I made a few days ago that I didn’t use! 
So I added some gradient maps and some regular gradients and dragged some pixels here and there, added a halo AND DONE.

I don’t know what I feel about it just yet. Like, I really want to try new things right now but I’m not sure if this feels entirely ~me~??? Hmhmhmmhm.

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative. During 2017 we’ll be launching twelve themes – one for every month – to inspire and challenge you. For June the theme is RECYCLING and Beatrice is hosting. Comment on her post here with a link to your creation before 28/5 to be a part of the compilation. More inspiration can be found over on Pinterest.

The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are Alicia, Beatrice, Elsa, Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna, Julia, Mikaela, Ruth, StinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

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snapdragons in the garden

We’ve been living in this house for almost two years (????????+++++++) and while the dreams for how this garden would look were grand it is taking a while to get there. But we’ve created a flowerbed with just perennials where we’ve planted a hydrangea and a clematis that’s going to be fill our thuja with gigantic blue flowers. We’re getting there! Just two days ago we went to get some more flowers, and I think I might have discovered my new favourite flower ever. Snapdragons/lejongap. I love the colours, they smell divine and they kind of remind me of lupins (which are beautiful but evil!!!!!!) and digitalis. I love both of those, but I think I prefer snapdragons. <3We also bought loads of basil and thyme so that we can use fresh herbs all summer. Sadly a few of the snapdragons broke on the way home, but I just brought them inside and put them in my favourite vase. SO CUTE. It’s good because now I can sit and plan stuff surrounded by the smell of flowers.