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Monthly Makers Contrast: Your creations

Oh what a wonderful month it has been! I’ve had a blast seeing everything that you’ve created, and creating things myself. But it’s time to look back on all of that, as it is the end of the month and time for an epic CONTRAST COMPILATION!Monthly Makers Contrast: Emilia's linocutEmilia made a beautiful linocut. This is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. But I do love me some linocut!

Wilda wrote a poem about then and now and the contrasts between those two times. Vackraverk made a beautiful blackout poem. Stina sent Thank you-cards to the people who came to her wedding and och Johanna made a print to cover a notebook in.Nina made an amazing flower crown.Julia made an amazing clock from a cork trivet and some white paint, Veronica made a placemat out of pearls, Helga crocheted a phone cover and Alexandra made magnets!Klara made a pretty illustration!Linnéa Elisabeth made two concrete vases, Borgmästaren did some embroidery using lines as shadows and Beatrice embroidered some graphical patterns. Mikaela made some candleholder out of thrifted drinking glasses and concrete. Ruth made a card for you to print inspired by the Norweigan tv-show Skam. Drittsekk!!!   Louie made a photomanipulation where she added herself into an old picture of her and her grandfather, Lena made a geometrical fox and Alicia embroidered onto a white apron. Robin (the first person to contribute without understanding Swedish, I think!) made this cool abstract art!Amanda made a pretty illustration and Erika made a clock!

Lindah made a blackout poem combined with illustrations.

 Tess made a crochet cover for a glass egg, Katarina decorated a matchbox, Christina made a crochet hat and Anki made crochet popcorn. 
Anna María made a laptop sleeve in black and white!

Sara and Linda painted beautiful portraits and Fredrika made a phone case.  Johanna made a space painting and another Johanna took pictures of wilting tulips. Silje decorated the insides of envelopes and Pia made skull cookies!Jenny made the word “catastrophy” all pretty.
Karin made a funny embroidery brooch, Elsa made some contrasty images, Denise also made an embroidery brooch and Evelina made a digital illustration.
Ellinor took a picture of a broken lollipop, Evelina drew on some stones, Grahnslöjd made a tote bag with rabbits on and Maria made some pillows. Victoria tried calligraphy and so did SandraKlara was inspired by Queen B and Emma did some Pistvakt-inspired embroidery.
Stella made a mountain pillow.
Ida cut out some figures in paper and combined it with 3D-flowers, Jess reminded us of what is important and Rebecca made a cat hat!I made some photo manipulation thingies.

Emilia painted on a curtain, Julia combined two different techniques in an illustration and Skaparlusta felted cats.
Eva Linnea put some cones in a glass container!
Åsa made a wooden heart, Yohanna took a picture of different fabrics, Ulla-Karin made a pattern and Sara combined different patterns.  Emma made diamond socks!!!And lastly Vardagsnjutning combined soft and rough.

That was all for this months Monthly Makers! You’ve created so many amazing things!! Thank you for this month. 5/2 we will present the next theme, so follow us on our social media to be notified about that!

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative. During 2017 we’ll be launching twelve themes – one for every month – to inspire and challenge you. For January the theme is CONTRAST and I’m hosting.

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with everything and be even more inspired. You can also follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, our website and in the inspirational group We Are Monthly Makers. 

The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are Alicia, Beatrice, Elsa, Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna, Julia, Mikaela, Ruth, StinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

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  • Reply Mikaela 31 January, 2017 at 09:12

    Gud vad många fina grejer! Och sån variation!!!

  • Reply Alicia 31 January, 2017 at 09:20

    Helt banaaanas, vilken månad! Så himla varierade uttryckssätt och fiffiga tolkningar och vridningar på temat! Älskart <3

  • Reply Stitched Teacups 31 January, 2017 at 09:46

    These are awesome projects! I like how different the theme was interpreted. Unfortunately, I saw this challenge too late but I’ll come back to see the new themes. :)


  • Reply Stella sews 31 January, 2017 at 11:38

    Åh wow så mycket fint!!

  • Reply Denise 31 January, 2017 at 12:53

    Har väl aldrig sett så mycket fint på en och samma gång!!! Heeeeelt sjukt vad duktiga alla varit<3

    • Reply Jessica 31 January, 2017 at 18:39

      ELLER HUR?? Så härligt!!

  • Reply Ida 31 January, 2017 at 18:04

    Alltså woooooow! Så kul att komma hem från jobb och kika på den fantastiska sammanställningen av alla grymma bidrag :))))

    • Reply Jessica 31 January, 2017 at 18:39

      Vad kul att du tycker det, Ida!

  • Reply Nina 31 January, 2017 at 19:51

    Alltså, va mycket fint! Jag tänkte skriva vilka som är mina favoriter, men det blev för många! :D Ser fram emot att få veta nästa tema!

  • Reply Anki 31 January, 2017 at 21:31

    Massor med fina saker verkligen! Tack för denna månad!!

  • Reply Anni 1 February, 2017 at 08:16

    Så mycket roligt och inspirerande alka har skapat!
    Saknar tyvärr mitt bidrag som jag lade in 26/1 och nu när jag kollar så har min kommentar inte fastnat hos dig !? Jättekonstigt, för jag förstår inte vad som hänt. Jag såg den då!

  • Reply Louie 1 February, 2017 at 10:40

    Så många fina grejer!

  • Reply Wilda 1 February, 2017 at 12:23

    Verkligen häftigt att se variationen i detta inlägg! Jättevackert!

  • Reply Johanna 1 February, 2017 at 21:01

    Å så många kreativa och härliga bidrag. Man blir alldeles glad i <3

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    […] P.S. Missa inte att Jessica har släppt samlingsinlägget för Monthly Makers med alla möjliga tolkningar på temat KONTRAST. […]

  • Reply my creative life #3 – Jessica Andersdotter 4 February, 2017 at 13:57

    […] I published the compilation of all the creations for Monthly Makers theme “Contrast”. See everything here. […]

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