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Monthly Makers 2016

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Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative or create more. During 2016 we’ll have twelve monthly challenges for you to be inspired by – because it’s easier when you have something to be inspired by, because it’s more fun to create things together with a group of people and because it’s great to share your own creations and thoughts and read about others.

The 10th every month we will release a new challenge. You can participate through your blog or instagram (#MonthlyMakers) and at the end of the month it will be part of a compilation the person hosting the challenge will be posting. Be a part of the challenges you want to the extent you want.20150124_2712

Here’s how it works:

12 blogs, 12 months, 12 challenges. We’ll be hosting one challenge each.
10th every month, presentation of the challenge.
20th every month, the host will post their own creation and start collection yours in the posts comments.
28th every month, deadline to comment with a link of your creation.
Last of every month, the host will post a compilation of everything we’ve created together.

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As you might have noticed, there are some changes compared to Monthly Makers 2015. We also have some sad news for this new year: Agnes, Jess and Emelie won’t be hosts in the future. I’m so thankful for this year and wish them all the luck!

But this means we’re welcoming three new hosts – Wilda, Stina and Ruth! They are three amazing creators who have previously created wonderful things both as a part of Monthly Makers and outside it. With them – and you – we’re welcoming this new year and hope for twelve months of creativity. Let’s do this!

We’re also opening a Facebook group where you can discuss the challenge of the month, give tips, show your creations and discuss creativity in general. Come join us at We Are Monthly Makers. And we have a website, which you can find at!

The people behind Monthly Makers are Alicia, Anna María, Annica, Beata, Beatrice, Elsa, Jessica, Mikaela, Ruth, Sandra, Stina and Wilda. Get inspired, create and challenge yourself with us all year!150320_6096

During 2015 we had challenges like paper, clay, matchsticks and space and we all created over 400 creations together. Here are the things I created, with links to all the compilations, so you can get inspired for the new year!

January: Paper

f2e833befd72fe23be72f5f3d631cd44For January I made a paper raven. Click the image to get to the post about it and find everyone’s paper creations here.

February: Upcycle

For February I made these candle holders from old cups. Click the picture for a link to my post and see everyone’s creations here.

March: Clay

150323_6152For March I made two things: some clay roses…150320_6090

…and a sparkly and slightly alive book. Click the pictures for links to the posts and here are all the creations.

April: Matchsticks

monthly makers april jessica andersdotter

For April I made a burnt collage. Click the image for a link to the post and find all the creations here.

May: Magic

jessica andersdotter digital collage of mountains and space
For May I made digital collages with stars on them. Click the pic to get to the post with them and check out all the creations here.

June: Pattern

gif-1gif3gif-2For June’s challenge I made two different sets of creations, one with moving gifs. _DSC0087_DSC0112_DSC0130 m brus_DSC0096_DSC0132And then I also made this set of regular images, but just as flipped and kaleidoscopic. Click the images for the posts and find everyone’s creations here.

July: Space

20150719_8627For July I painted a tote bag with space. Click the image for a link to my post and find everyone’s creations here.

August: Textile

20150824_1129For August I made a crochet rug! Click the image for link to the post and find everyone’s creations here.

September: Nature

030612_154933 copy030612_15442For September I made these digital collages. Click image for link to the post and here for everyone’s creations.

October: Yarn

20151022_4691For October I made paper (and yarn) bats! Click the image for a link to my post and here for everyone’s creations.

November: Light

20151116_4863For November I made this cloud lamp, click the image to get to the post and find everyone’s creation inspired by “light” here.

December: Glass

220151214_597820151214_5976For December I decided to take some picture through a prism, click the images to get to the oringial post with more pictures. Find everyone’s creations here.

On Sunday Beatrice will release the first challenge of the year!

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  • Reply Wilda 5 January, 2016 at 17:43

    Jag ser verkligen fram emot att följa dina skapelser i år! Tycker så mycket om dina fotoredigeringar och double exposures. Vill lära mig mer av fotoredigering så jag kanske får sno lite tips från dig framöver.

    • Reply Jessica 7 January, 2016 at 10:51

      Åh jag med haha :D Men tack så mycket! Fråga på om det är något särskilt du undrar över!

  • Reply Stina - 5 January, 2016 at 17:45

    Så himla snygg den där korpen är alltså :)

    • Reply Jessica 7 January, 2016 at 10:50

      Tack! Den var ett helvete att göra haha :D