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20151222_6172It’s finally Christmas, guys! Like today! Isn’t it amazing? I thought we’d celebrate this marvellous day with looking at some pictures from when me and Alicia made some Christmas decorations featuring our cats two days ago. You can see Alicia’s post about it here.
I got a tour of Alicia’s fantastic apartment. 20151222_607620151222_6089Which featured amazing paintings by Alicia herself, along with some great Christmas decorations.  20151222_6080 20151222_6109 And cats playing with tinsel and hiding behind curtains. This was the first time I met her cats and they’re so fluffy and amazing and I can’t handle it. (Neither could my nose, as I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to them.)20151222_6073
But they look so majestic just sitting around.20151222_608120151222_6083  20151222_6104 20151222_6106
Everything in the apartment was super amazing and I loved it so much. Great place, Alicia! I’m not sure I said that when I was there.20151222_6110And the view! The best!

Anyway, we had some lunch and started creating. We had decided to make kristyränglar (icing angels) with our cats instead of angels. Best idea ever, to be honest.
20151222_6114We printed some pictures of our cats and started cutting. 20151222_6119Tried it out and instantly realised it would be amazing. 20151222_6123Tofslan (That’s the name of the cat. The other one is Vifslan. Best names ever.) held us company.  20151222_6137And helped a lot. Cats are great.   20151222_6143
Angel Lumos. <320151222_6139We also made some creepy angels that had bodies haha.  20151222_6149
And some non-angels. It had to be done.20151222_6153We mixed icing sugar and an egg white to make the icing and made little circles of icing that we put the cats on! 20151222_6157Lumos Lumos Lumos Lumos.  20151222_6172And then we didn’t really have time to wait for seven hours or whatever was needed really so we put them in the oven on 100 C for a while and it worked! Some of them changed shape a little bit but it was okay. Look at them! So perfect! CATS. 20151222_6164
And then I said goodbye to the fluff (and Alicia) and got the train home.
The morning after I opened the little box that I got to take them home in and decided where to hang them. 20151223_6662  20151223_6684
Tried out the tree first but they kind of disappeared among all the other decorations.20151223_667020151223_6676
So eventually I just hung them in our sea buckthorn branch. This is a really great way to make your own decorations! You can feature anyone you want, not just cats! Like you can even print pictures of yourself, if you want!

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic day! Merry Christmas!!!

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  • Reply Mikaela 24 December, 2015 at 11:15

    Det här kan vara de bästa juldekorationerna jag sett alltså, ÄLSKAR idén! Och haha älskar katterna med kroppar, vad gjorde ni av dem?! Bästa! God jul!

  • Reply Alicia 27 December, 2015 at 22:15

    Du ska få SE, Mikaela, vad jag gjorde med katterna med kroppar!!! ;););) Och alltsååå Jessica så himla världsbäst dag och så himla fina bilder!!!??? Jag har knappt visat något av lägenheten på bloggen känns det som pga får aldrig till några bra dina bilder men jag får visst hyra in dig som fotograf! Och alltså skrattade rätt ut åt bilden på Vifslan som tittar fram bakom kotavlan. VARFÖR gjorde hon så och VARFÖR ser hon så knäpp ut!!!????? Åååh älskade djur <3

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