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my creative life #3

It’s been another week, and I’ve actually been super productive!! I’ve worked a lot on secret stuff which involves upgrading my website (so not so secret then), but I’ve made some stuff too!

I started a new project! Working title: The Name Project. It’s where I’ve asked my ~followers~ to submit their names + colour combination and then I’ll make an art piece with those colours + name it that name! I’ve had this idea for a while but finally posted it to Instagram and I’m amazed at how many responses I got!! 
I usually get like two comments per picture, but I have like 30-40 for this one????
"Nicoletta", abstract art by Jessica Andersdotter
I’ve started the project though and first one out was Nicoletta, who is a friend from Hitrecord. She wished for something blue!"Anna María", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterMy friend Anna María wanted something green! "Firza", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterMade “Firza” for a use who wanted pink, light blue, cyan, yellow and tosca green. Really struggled to get some yellow in there as it’s not in my usual colour palette. "Mandy", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterMandy wanted something blue and purple. Best colour combo. <3 "Klara", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterKlara wanted turquoise and gold so she got this!"Simone", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterOutside of the project I’ve made this one, which is called Simone. 
This actually started as a name project one but I didn’t like the colours so I changed them to this! Didn’t think of the fact that I don’t have the same taste in colours as all my followers… Heh.

I’ve also made a new header! I know I changed like a week ago but I didn’t feel it. The image for the header is Johanna II, which I showed you last time.

Other things that have happened:

  • The xx released a new album (idk when exactly but in the past few weeks) and I’ve been listening to it non-stop. My favourite is Dangerous.
  • Jesper Rönndahl (my fave comedian) made a show for Vinter i P1. I loved it!!! Listen here. It’s about the truth! In Swedish though so soz if you’re international.
  • My friends Mikaela and Bea released their new blogs TODAY! Go on over and congratulate them!
  • I published the compilation of all the creations for Monthly Makers theme “Contrast”. See everything here.
my art & creations, photography & digital art

my creative life #2

I feel like I haven’t done that much since last time, but I felt like I wanted to make another one of these posts!

Abstract art-wise I’ve made two pictures.

Johanna II, abstract art by Jessica Andersdotter The first one is Johanna II, which is made for my forever friend Johanna. I made one for her previously, but this time I actually asked her before what colours she wanted! It was a lot of fun to create based on what someone else wanted! I wouldn’t want to do it every time, but it was a fun exercise. WIP version of Johanna II by Jessica AndersdotterThis is what it looked like before the pixel sorting!
Adriana, abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterThe other one I’ve made is Adriana. I found a new way of pixel sorting which lets me pixel sort from a center and then out like rays, and it looks pretty darn crazy sometimes, but I think it looked cool in this one! Here’s what it looked like before! I’ve built the image from brushes and photos!

I’ve also kind of made my Pinterest-habit into a Tumblr-habit. I don’t know, I just enjoy gathering it like this rather than in folders like on Pinterest. And Tumblr has different stuff from Pinterest! SO YEAH, you can follow me on tumblr HERE if you want to! I offered anyone who wanted to be my mutual cake on my next birthday on my Facebook page, and that offer stands for you guys as well. (I also got a tumblr for only my art, it’s not really up to date yet but I’m working on it. Follow here.)

Other than that I’ve spent quite a lot of time on my website. I accidentally broke it, tried to fix it for two whole days and then just ended up contacting my host to reset it. Hahahaha. :( I still have to fix a lot of stuff as it’s painfully slow, but I’m gonna wait with that until I’ve finished with my Monthly Makers duties for the month. Don’t forget to link your creation on the theme Contrast here

I’ve also spent some time uploading stuff to my shop, so there are now a few new prints (+ more) available! You can check it all out here!

And that was it for this time!

How has your creative life been going lately?

monthly makers, my art & creations, photography & digital art

Monthly Makers Contrast

Comment on this post with a link to your creation on the theme CONTRAST to be a part of Monthly Makers this month! // Kommentera det här inlägget med en länk till din skapelse på temat KONTRAST för att delta i Monthly Makers den här månaden. Det går såklart bra att kommentera på svenska! It’s the 20th, which means it’s time for me to show you what I’ve made for Monthly Makers this month, and to start collecting links to your creations! Read more about how to participate and at the end of the post.

There was a bit of a process for me this month, as I started with an idea very different from what it all turned into. I was inspired by the dozens of images of miroring selected parts of landscapes (like Witchoria’s for example) and just wanted to try something like it for myself. It didn’t really feel 100% to begin with, as I felt like I was copying others a little too much, but I was just gonna try it.

So at first I had this! But I felt it was a bit too bland. (The base image is from when I went above the clouds in a cabin in the Alps 2011, and I have literally just copied and flipped it. And failed, as there’s a line in the middle. Oops.)

So I tried to add a little more contrast between the two sides and made them different colours. I was kind of happy with this.So I started to make one to go with it, but felt like it wasn’t really that good. (Another picture from the above the clouds-day copied and flipped.)So I started playing around with the marker tool and moving things around.Found the displacement maps in Photoshop, haha. And a few displacements and a gradient map later I had this.Adjusted it with some curves and moved around some of the parts to fill out an empty corner. Oh and I also smoothed it out. Changed the hue to blue, made a box with an inner shadow in the middle and then it was done. And then I made this as well to go with it, and for a while these two were going to be my creation for this month. And then I was like “nah” and went and got another one of those pictures from the Alps.

Added a funky gradient map.
Pixel sorted the ground!Small adjustments + stars and then it was done! 
Found two similar pictures and then I had my trio done! And I’m going for these for Contrast!And now I really want to see what you’ve created! Link it down below to be a part of the compilation post that will appear here on my blog January 31st.

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative. During 2017 we’ll be launching twelve themes – one for every month – to inspire and challenge you. For January the theme is CONTRAST and I’m hosting.

Link your the creation you want to contribute to the challenge in the comments down below before January 28th to be a part of the compilation! By doing so you are accepting that we republish your image in relevant contexts on our blogs and other social media – always referring back to you. 

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with everything and be even more inspired. You can also follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, our website and in the inspirational group We Are Monthly Makers. 

The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are Alicia, Beatrice, Elsa, Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna, Julia, Mikaela, Ruth, StinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

my art & creations, photography & digital art

My Creative Life #1

Okay, so I was thinking I was gonna start this again around New Years, but I forgot. But anyway – last year I was inspired by Alicia’s Den kreativa veckan (The Creative Week) and started “Creative Mondays” where I both shared what I had created and things I had enjoyed online. And then I stopped, and I don’t know why! But anyway, I thought I’d pick it up again, rising out of the ashes like a phoenix is “My Creative Life”. I’m gonna try to show some more process-y things here and not only like batches of finished results. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do this every week, or what weekday, but we’ll just see what happens. I hope you’re okay with that.

I’m not, however, going to continue sharing things I like online in these posts. I think I’m going to write separate posts for that! So yeah – let’s go! I don’t really know where to start since this is the first one so I’m just gonna start wherever I want!

Creatively 2016 ended with a bang (See what I did there? Don’t get it? Check out the end of this post.) and 2017 started in the same manner. I really enjoyed creating these, but they drove me into a deep slump as I felt they were way to similar to each other -> felt like all my art is too similar to the rest -> started doubting my creativity -> started doubting my very existence. Okay, maybe not the last one, but the rest! I think I went like a week without creating anything, and I’ve barely gone a day for six months. Heh. Aanyway. These two are called Inara and Leila.That anxiety led me to desperately create this, in an attempt to ~*make something new*~. I kind of like it but I just remember how I felt making this so it’s not like I’m going to decorate my bedroom with it.Made it from this picture that I’ve taken with a prism in font of the lens! Made it pink though because PINK.And then Monthly Makers 2017 started and I was like “yoooo I’m the host” and presented the theme (CONTRAST! Check it out here). So I spent a bit of time on that presentation, and after that I’ve been the boss of our Instagram account! Follow it here, it’s a lot of fun! I share inspiring stuff every day! Oh and also, just a few days later I made my creation for Contrast, but you’ll see that IN TWO DAYS. HYPE. I started out making the image above and then IT ALL CHANGED and I made something different. I was still kind of desperate to create something “new” and made this. I’ve later decided that I don’t like it. It’s too “trippy”. Anyway, after this I started sorting through my files and AS USUAL it gave me loads of inspiration?!?! I’ve always been like that. So I started to remake old things and make new things and had flow again. Yay!  Colorful abstract glitch art by Jessica AndersdotterMade this the very same night and it’s one of my new favourites. It’s pink and called Lola. <3 Found a new plugin for After Effects that let me pixel sort smoooooooothly. Well okay not that smooth, just smoother than the other one. This is Katja.  And!!! It lets me pixel sort diagonally. <3 Cleo is the name of this one. It’s a new favourite. Pink and bluuuuuuuuuuuue. <3 (its_my_week on Instagram features images with pink and blue in them this week, and I’ve realised it’s my favourite colour combination. #myweekofpinkandblue)
I found a bunch of new accounts on Instagram with abstract artists that posted pretty process pictures, and I was super inspired. Realised they use pretty paint in pretty studios so they can take pretty pictures of what they’re doing. Pretty all the way. My process isn’t pretty. It’s a messy desk featuring: hairbrush, allergy medication, old coffee cup, flashlight from that windy night when I thought the power was gonna go out, the empty box from the medical tape I used when I sprained my ankle three weeks ago, random pieces of paper, dust and SO ON. Oh and the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit I got for Christmas!!! So uh. Process pictures. Here’s what my Photoshop looked like anyway.
But I don’t know if it qualifies as a process picture – it’s more of a sneak peek. The artwork was pretty much done. Here’s the finished result, anyway. It’s actually made using pieces of Gabriella. It’s one of my favourites and I’ve struggled to make something with the same effect in the pixel sorting for some reason! Named it Kaylah after The Dainty SquidAnd just because I had been struggling for a while I kind of figured out how to recreate the Gabriella-effect. This is Neva! I’ve become a little bit obsessed with peach pink these past few days. I think I’m longing for spring. 

Other than that I’ve written a post for Bored Panda again! I thought it was time to tell the Bored Panda-community about my stuff again! Click here to read it!

Other things that have happened:

  • I started school again. Gonna write my thesis this semester!
  • I went to the party for an online exhibition called Acclimatize at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Check the project out here! There was live music and performance and stuff. Cool stuff.
  • My Instagram hit 900 followers! And then it hit 899! And then 900 again! And then again! People shouldn’t be allowed to unfollow when you’ve just passed a milestone… Follow me here.
  • I’ve started playing The Sims 4 :D:D:D:D Did you know I used to hang out on a The Sims-forum when I was 15? I was cool.
  • I changed my header, I was tired of the old one! I wanted one with my art in it but it just looked awful together with posts with my art, so I decided to make it simple. SO I HAVE A MOON. MOOooOooOOn. Yay.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through space and time! See you here in a while for our next adventure!