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my creative life

my creative life #8

Ayoooooooooo! Time to creative life it up again!

The most exciting thing I’ve made this past week is probs this self portrait-thingy. I decided I wanted something new as a profile pic on my socials, and I want it to show my face + my art in some way so I experimented a while until I came up with this!

The actual pic of me is kinda old though, but I need a new remote for my camera in order to take new pics of myself. So I just used this picture I had from like a year and a half ago.

Other than that I’ve made a few “basic” pixel sorting images!

Evelyn! Luanna! Runa. Winona. Also took out the old drawing generative in Processing and made Abigail!I made the Halcyon-series for Monthly Makers.
For The Crate Challenge on Hitrecord I made this! Absolutely adored SarahPalisi’s illustration of the house. <3 See all the resources used linked here
Right after I made that self portrait at the top of the post CaptClare issued a challenge for glitching photography on Hitrecord. SO MUCH FUN. I used a simple app and Photoshop to glitchify this picture by MariaJack. See resources linked here.

Other things:

  • THIS TWEET by Belphoebe (@ragsoflove). “Compare Harry Styles’ appreciation of teenage girl fans to 5 Seconds of Summer’s bore-off ‘edgy’ misogyny”. I’M SO TIRED OF YOUNG GIRLS’ OPINIONS BEING SEEN AS THE WORST. And 5SOS are just like “yeah ugh we don’t want to be just for girls” and Styles is just like “They’re our future. /…/ They don’t lie.” Like honestlyyyyyyyyyyyyy. <3 I love Harry. Here’s another tweet about it. 64k retweets like YEAH GO HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’ll quit now.
  • Olivia Chin Mueller’s illustration of this lil white pupper. Omg.
  • I wore sneakers for the first time this spring. YAY.
  • EASTER! Ate too much candy and made a pretty great lemon cheesecake.

Smell you later peeps!

my creative life

my creative life #7

Hello and welcome! It’s been another week and it’s time to look at what I’ve been up creatively.

I’m currently sat in a quite messy kitchen with a cup of coffee and a few pieces of candy I stole from the batch we bought for the Easter eggs this weekend. Hehe. WHO’S GONNA STOP ME.

Me and my mother spent the morning cleaning and decorating a little bit for the weekend, arranged the bouquet of peony tulips (!) we bought yesterday and put out some pretty table cloths. I’ve also put out the little clay bunny that I made a few years ago! 

It’s what I need right now. The past week has been stormy and wild. It has ripped through me like a tornado.

Last weekend we bought some other flowers and combined them with blueberry sprigs. I love using blueberry sprigs in bouquets in spring. They’re so wild and natural and they’re great for creating structure for the flowers. <3 The first picture is taken with my prism, but the second one is just a regular picture. I just wanted to show you the flowers.The reason I started taking pictures of the flowers in the first place was actually a challenge on Hitrecord – The Lens Project. The prompt for last week was actually not a word, but a haiku. It is by debit72 and you can find the haiku here. It goes like this:

Deep in the forest

I close my eyes and listen

to the earth breathing

My initial idea was to go out into the forest and take a picture of that, but a) that felt a bit too easy for me and b) the forest still looks kinda sad where I live haha. :( So I just took pictures of our flowers! I like how it turned out though! Another weekly challenge on Hitrecord is The Crate Challenge where you’re asked to “remix” a few images into something new. This weeks collection of images was tricky (find the challenge here) but I ended up with this and I’m pretty happy! Like it’s simple, but it’s cute!! Mostly because Erica Coburn’s photograph is AMAZING. (I actually have a blog post on the way about her stuff – stay tuned.) Click the image to see the resources I’ve used!  I’ve made these two abstract images this past week! The first one is called Arlie and the second is Jane!

I’ve made two animated ones too!! The titles aren’t set in stone (twinkletwinkle is A+++++ though) so yeah! But I’m having so much fun with this, even if it is frying my poor laptop.

I also took this picture of my little Lumos. He was chilling in a chair and the light was just so perfect I had to take a few pics of him. <3

Other things that have happened:

Okay I have like other random things I could tell you but I’ll stop now or this post is just going to be a list of stuff. Heh.

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my creative life #6

Alright, back to what I’ve been up to creatively! I’ve had a few weeks where I’ve been sick and tired of pixel sorting, but a few days ago I just got back into it! I missed the simple times that they represent, as I’m so used to that technique and feel so free when I’m creating them. So I went back to the old pixel sorter. Took a look at one of my favourites – Cloe – to see if I could recreate whatever it is I like so much about it. This is Rose. (Name 100% inspired by the fact that I just finished watching season one of Doctor Who.)And then I reset my computer as it was running sooooooo slooow, and I lost some of my actions and brushes that I usually use because I forgot to save them somewhere else. :)))) But I solved it and this was the first one I made on a fresh computer. Felt like a fresh breeze. Her name is VictoriaVelma is a twirlywirly one! And then we have InaArielHitrecord have a challenge every week called The Lens Project, where you get a prompt for a photograph or video! I’ve decided to try to participate in this challenge more, and this week the prompt was “Softness“, and I took + edited the picture above. I was just lying in my bed holding the camera above my head haha. Advanced photography. Didn’t even brush my hair before, which I kind of regret now but whatever. Edited it quite a bit, but right now I feel like I might have overdone it. But I didn’t feel it quite captured “Softness” before. (OKAY I just realised this isn’t the image I edited into the one before but whatever hahaha….)  Also took this picture with my phone + prism. I do like it but I’m not sure about the quality. It was impossible to take this of myself using the DSLR though, so I don’t know what else I could’ve done. I might try with a tripod sometime, but I don’t think it’d work either as I can’t see what I’m doing. :( At least the bad quality makes it very ~*soft*~.Made a random image out of resources on Hitrecord. See it + the images I’ve used. (I’m obsessed with Hitrecord again…)I 100% struggled with The Crate Challenge this week, didn’t get any ideas from the images that we were supposed to use. Played around with it a while and got this in the end. Sources here. For a few days I was trying out something like this, but it was just SO BORING. But I thought I’d show you the version I didn’t pick as well, might be interesting! Image sources can be found here, the images I’ve used are by Ankita19 and AnthonyChristopherArt.

The most important thing from this past week (+ like three days) = I MANAGED TO ANIMATE MY STUFF. This is easily the most exciting thing that has happened this past week. Probably past month!

And lastly I made a collage of some stuff on Hitrecord! Annmarie57’s ribcage and scarletoak’s flowers! Find it here.

Other random things that have happened:

  • Fell in love with these photos by Denny Bitte.
  • I went to a guided tour of Natura Dentata at Kulturhuset in Stockholm and it was great! Had beer at a sushi place after (??) and generally had a great night! I recommend the exhibition to anyone in Stockholm!
  • I’ve started using Instagram stories kind of??? I’m trying to. Felt like my Instagram was getting boring and non-personal so I’m trying to ~spice it up~.
  • I had a few rage-hours after someone from a record label was interested in album art but later tried to persuade me to accept them paying me like 10% of the price I said. #forexposure (This might not have been the past week but anyway. Felt the need to tell you.)
  • Discovered someone is selling one of my works on Redbubble. :)))
  • Fredrika compiled all the creations for the theme Geometry for Monthly Makers.
  • Mikaela released the new theme for Monthly Makers!!!
  • I rediscovered this song by Bo Burnham. <3 His ability to combine comedy with profound stuff is amazzzzzzing.
  • I’ve written like seven blog posts in three days or something, but I’ve scheduled them as to not completely overflow this blog with stuff right after a long hiatus.

That’s it!! GOODBYE.