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Time for some more creative life-updates! Not as a video like last time, though, but a regular old post. I know, the nostalgia is almost too intense to handle.

Aaanyway, on to the creative lifelylife. One super exciting thing that has happened since last time is that the exhibition I’m part of had its opening!! This was like three weeks ago though haha. I didn’t bring my camera because it’s SO ANNOYING AND HEAVY but I took some pictures with my phone!

These are the three images that I’m exhibiting! I know I was like all mysterious about them in the video last time but honestly unless you’re like FAKE FAN #1 you’ve probably seen them before. Actually, maybe not if you only follow me on the blog, but I feel like I’ve shared them a few times on Facebook and Instagram!

They’re glossy prints from Crimson that I’ve hung in poster hangers from Lagerhaus! The poster hangers were just wooden when I bought them so I painted them black as it suited the images better. The cool part about them being glossy is the reflection on the floor! It didn’t turn up until we finished setting up the lights properly, but it looks so coooooooool. They’re 70×100 cm too, so they’re pretty big. It was so amazing to see my art properly printed for the first time(!!!), and I left the gallery that night feeling overwhelmed by all the compliments I got. (Humblebrag haha.)

Celestial by Jessica AndersdotterI’ve made my contribution to the Monthly Makers challenge this month! The theme is Geometry and today is the last day to link your creation over on Fredrika’s blog. You can also see the process behind this image (and its partner) in the blog post about my creation for Geometry.Absence by Jessica AndersdotterI’ve also made this one + two images to go with it! It’s a kind of collage with 3D-generated imagery and photography! I really like this series. Not showing you all of them because I think I’m going to make a separate post with the process behind these!

The Crate Challenge on HitrecordOne of my favourite parts of the week is making something for The Crate Challenge on Hitrecord. Hitrecord is – if you didn’t know – the best website ever, as it’s a place where people a) upload things they’ve created b) collaborate and make stuff together and c) issue challenges to inspire others to create. An ongoing challenge on the website is “The Crate Challenge”, which gives you a “crate” of images every week to use in a collage/graphic design/new image. Trying to combine the images each week is such a boost for my creativity, and reminds me to try out ways of expressing myself even if it’s still digital! You can find all my Crate Challenge-creations in an album on Hitrecord here. The image above is made with resources from four other creators on Hitrecord, and you can find them cited here.Lenora by Jessica AndersdotterI also went back to a technique I used a lot in November, where I combine a script in Processing with a lot of Photoshop to create these images filled with lines. Made Lenora here a while back.

Silent skies by Jessica AndersdotterAnd I’ve made Silent skies! They’re a combination of 3D and pixel sorting! The mountains are made with C4D (actually really basic to make a random mountain shape!) and then I’ve pixel sorted them in After Effects and edited it a lot in Photoshop!
And then one day I was bored so I downloaded some prism photography of some flowers from last year and played around with it on my phone!! Kind of went overboard with the scratches on the middle one but that’s life when you’re editing on a tiny screen. I enjoy making stuff on the phone sometimes as I can chill out in bed at the same time AND the premade effects in apps like Glitché (which is what I’ve used for the dragged out effect in these images) give me ideas for new things to make! I don’t really see it as me properly creating (not enough control etc), but it is good fun and sometimes gives me new ideas so it’s all good!! And I actually had to edit two of these in Photoshop to get them to match in colour, because the thing about using apps is that you can’t save layers and see what you did to it when you want to make something similar!

And then I tried to make a new profile pic for like my art Instagram and Facebook page, but it doesn’t really feel like it represents my style in general so idk. I like it though! Was really unsure about it right after I made it and barely wanted to share it, but I want to do more stuff like this now! I’ve set a goal to dare to share (sounds like a hashtag #daretoshare) things that maybe don’t go with my ~theme~ perfectly and stuff like that. Not that I really have a perfect theme, but I find myself thinking that I’m not going to share something EVEN THOUGH I’m happy with it just because “I might lose followers” which is the most stupid thing ever. So just a big nope to that.

And that was it!

Other random things that have happened:

  • Finally met Emma last week! It was the best!
  • I’ve watched Riverdale TWICE haha… Partly because because it just makes me happy in general and partly because Cole Sprouse heh. Like it’s a little bit cheesy but I like cheese so I guess it’s my thing. Jughead 4 life. (Also Bughead but shhh.)
  • Going to an after work tomorrow at Kulturhuset where we get a guided tour of an exhibition and then DRINKS. I don’t drink though so I’m mostly just excited about the art. But I guess it’ll be nice to have a soda too! Or just water. Hydration is important!!
  • I’ve started rewatching Doctor Who!!!! Was a massive fan like five years ago but kind of lost interest like somewhere around/before Capaldi started. BUT ANYWAY I’ve watched the first episode from 2005 (I’m not about the 70s DW-life) and UGH it made me so happy. RoseEeeeEeEeEEeEEe.
  • I got Skillshare. Why did I not have Skillshare before???????? Silly me. Anyway, the best part about it is probably that there’s a class on there about how to program generative art yourself in Processing?!?!?!?!??! I’m so going to learn that. After I’ve made it through the six hours of videos that the class contains. Heh.

Feel free to comment what you’ve been up to, but maybe limit it to the latest week as a month is a bit much! 

art & inspiration, my art & creations

my creative life #4 – VIDEO omg

OMG. I’m joining you in video form today! Isn’t that crazy! I thought I’d upgrade my creative updates to video updates, so this is the first one! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

Other things:

And that was all I had to say! This looks like a pretty short blog post but considering the millions of words I said in that video I don’t think it is haha.
Whatever. Hope you like it!

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my creative life #3

It’s been another week, and I’ve actually been super productive!! I’ve worked a lot on secret stuff which involves upgrading my website (so not so secret then), but I’ve made some stuff too!

I started a new project! Working title: The Name Project. It’s where I’ve asked my ~followers~ to submit their names + colour combination and then I’ll make an art piece with those colours + name it that name! I’ve had this idea for a while but finally posted it to Instagram and I’m amazed at how many responses I got!! 
I usually get like two comments per picture, but I have like 30-40 for this one????
"Nicoletta", abstract art by Jessica Andersdotter
I’ve started the project though and first one out was Nicoletta, who is a friend from Hitrecord. She wished for something blue!"Anna María", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterMy friend Anna María wanted something green! "Firza", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterMade “Firza” for a use who wanted pink, light blue, cyan, yellow and tosca green. Really struggled to get some yellow in there as it’s not in my usual colour palette. "Mandy", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterMandy wanted something blue and purple. Best colour combo. <3 "Klara", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterKlara wanted turquoise and gold so she got this!"Simone", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterOutside of the project I’ve made this one, which is called Simone. 
This actually started as a name project one but I didn’t like the colours so I changed them to this! Didn’t think of the fact that I don’t have the same taste in colours as all my followers… Heh.

I’ve also made a new header! I know I changed like a week ago but I didn’t feel it. The image for the header is Johanna II, which I showed you last time.

Other things that have happened:

  • The xx released a new album (idk when exactly but in the past few weeks) and I’ve been listening to it non-stop. My favourite is Dangerous.
  • Jesper Rönndahl (my fave comedian) made a show for Vinter i P1. I loved it!!! Listen here. It’s about the truth! In Swedish though so soz if you’re international.
  • My friends Mikaela and Bea released their new blogs TODAY! Go on over and congratulate them!
  • I published the compilation of all the creations for Monthly Makers theme “Contrast”. See everything here.
my art & creations, photography & digital art

my creative life #2

I feel like I haven’t done that much since last time, but I felt like I wanted to make another one of these posts!

Abstract art-wise I’ve made two pictures.

Johanna II, abstract art by Jessica Andersdotter The first one is Johanna II, which is made for my forever friend Johanna. I made one for her previously, but this time I actually asked her before what colours she wanted! It was a lot of fun to create based on what someone else wanted! I wouldn’t want to do it every time, but it was a fun exercise. WIP version of Johanna II by Jessica AndersdotterThis is what it looked like before the pixel sorting!
Adriana, abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterThe other one I’ve made is Adriana. I found a new way of pixel sorting which lets me pixel sort from a center and then out like rays, and it looks pretty darn crazy sometimes, but I think it looked cool in this one! Here’s what it looked like before! I’ve built the image from brushes and photos!

I’ve also kind of made my Pinterest-habit into a Tumblr-habit. I don’t know, I just enjoy gathering it like this rather than in folders like on Pinterest. And Tumblr has different stuff from Pinterest! SO YEAH, you can follow me on tumblr HERE if you want to! I offered anyone who wanted to be my mutual cake on my next birthday on my Facebook page, and that offer stands for you guys as well. (I also got a tumblr for only my art, it’s not really up to date yet but I’m working on it. Follow here.)

Other than that I’ve spent quite a lot of time on my website. I accidentally broke it, tried to fix it for two whole days and then just ended up contacting my host to reset it. Hahahaha. :( I still have to fix a lot of stuff as it’s painfully slow, but I’m gonna wait with that until I’ve finished with my Monthly Makers duties for the month. Don’t forget to link your creation on the theme Contrast here

I’ve also spent some time uploading stuff to my shop, so there are now a few new prints (+ more) available! You can check it all out here!

And that was it for this time!

How has your creative life been going lately?