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I made kind of a remix of my own pictures the other day. Used the scanographs from my Monthly Makers creation and layered them in Photoshop, didn’t feel like enough though so I also changed the hue and it turned totally radioactive. jandersdotter-2899055-copy_27848848266_o jandersdotter-2899018-copy_27271451764_o108-4-copy_27533456651_o-copy_27271414443_o

I don’t know I think they turned out quite dreamy.


good news good times

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So a few fun things have happened recently, and I want to tell you!!! 

Firstly, I was accepted to a project Moderna Museet in Stockholm is arranging for young creators using internet in their creations! I haven’t fully grasped what this is going to be, but it sound super exciting! The museum is going to be some kind of creative hub for us creators, with workshops, some way to affect the museum (idk how) and like EXCITING STUFF. It’s called Youyouers and you can apply here.

A few weeks ago I got declined a place at a design course at a school because I was “over-qualified” haha, so I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do this autumn. I had applied to a couple of other – short – courses, but nothing felt right. So a panicky evening I was looking for some kind of school I could go to, and found the one that is pretty close to where I live now that has art and crafts courses. I knew about this school, but had thought that I would only be able to get to with a car, and lacking a drivers license I didn’t even apply. But this time I did a bit more research, and there is a freaking bus that stops right outside the school? How did I miss that? Stupid me. But alas, the application had closed two weeks before.

But I was so lucky. I was so very lucky, because just the course I was looking at – a one year course focusing on art and crafts – had re-opened their application. So I wrote an application letter in half an hour stating how awesome I am and sent my application to them like I was greased freaking lightning.

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One day later my phone rang, and as someone who reaaaally hates phone calls I was so close to just ignoring it. I always ignore calls, especially from random numbers. But then a voice in my head said “Hang on. Haaaaaang on just one second, I’ve just applied to a school. I am now a person who receives important calls. I am kind, I am smart, I am important. Thank you, The Help.” That’s exactly what I thought. Promise. Anyway, I answered the god damn phone.

And guess what? It was the school! I bet you guessed that. It was pretty obvious, honestly.

So a really nice lady from the school called me to tell me that they had received my application and wanted to have an interview over the phone the day after. And I was like “Heck yes, ttyl homie.” I had to call back like five minutes later because we had decided on a time when I was going to an art exhibition (I am the master planner, and you all know it) but she was understanding and nice, so it was all good.

And then the next day I was super nervous but the interview went really well. She mostly just told me about the school and what I would do there, asked me a few questions and then just went “So should I put down that you want the spot?”. And I was like “Heck yes, ttyl homie.” No but seriously, I was so freaking happy! I wanted to use this many exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here’s what I’m gonna do:

  • paint and draw outside in nature (it’s in a tiny village with a lake nearby so it’s probs really pretty)
  • textile art
  • smithery (both silver and iron or whatever it is (i’m gonna make a sword of valyrian steel))
  • woodwork where we’ll be BUILDING A CHAIR like I’m Ron Swanson
  • sculpture
  • ceramics
  • creative writing
  • masks for plays
  • have exhibitions
  • eat vegetarian lunches cooked at the school every day

It’s probably the most perfect thing ever. If you didn’t know I had some kind of infection/meningitis in 2013 and have had headaches since then, which have stopped me from studying or working. Luckily I’ve been able to live with my mother so it’s been possible for me to just take care of myself, but I’ve been set on getting back to life again this autumn, and this is probably the best way to do it. I’m so happy. (And also it’s great preparation for maybe applying to art school at university level next year but we will see about that.)

So I was walking on clouds for the rest of the day, and went to the exhibition at Art Lab Gnesta. I met some people I had previously been in contact with who work there, and when I got back home I got an e-mail from the curator at Art Lab who asked me if I wanted to work for them!!! So I got a school and a job in the same day!?!?! I’m going to be responsible for the exhibition during their open hours for a few times during the summer, and I’m so happy to just get to be a part of such a cool place.

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For the first time in forever I’m going to have real things to do, I’m going to do things that are so amazing and I’m so excited about life. I haven’t felt like this in years. You should all be happy for me, or we can’t be friends anymore. Hehe. But honestly. Hugs and kisses and smiles to you all.

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adventures @ art lab gnesta

So we moved to Gnesta in August last year. Gnesta is this cute little place an hour outside Stockholm with a cute brick house by the train station and houses with cute towers around the central square. It’s right by a lake and is super nice in general (just a little bit far from my friends, but nevermind that right now). Jessica Andersdotter_0342

And on the way from the station back to our house there is this beautiful old brick house with the words “Art Lab Gnesta” on it. And I was so curious, but it took a while before I actually remembered to google it. Turns out it’s the coolest place!

In this old brewery (such a pretty house!!) there is this place that experiments with art and its relationship to society. They have workshop and exhibitions, and always have interesting projects going on. Here is their website!

So the last weekend in May I finally went to an event at Art Lab Gnesta – the opening for their latest exhibition “Ett steg närmare Marita”. Basically it means “One step closer to Marita” and is a collaboration with the first year students of the textile students at Konstfack! They’ve visited Art Lab Gnesta a few times during this past year to look at – and then interpret – the archives left behind after the lady who founded the foundation that owns this brewery nowadays. Jessica Andersdotter_0345

The actual exhibition consisted of somewhere around twelve creations, and was situated inside the main room in the brewery. I love these windows so much!

Jessica Andersdotter_0347

My absolute favourite art piece was this embroidered photograph of Marita where the threads were actually bound to a hook on the wall and the floor drain! So cool. It’s by Julia Rio and you can visit her website here.

Jessica Andersdotter_0349Jessica Andersdotter_0373 Jessica Andersdotter_0371

It was hard to get good pictures of all the creations but here are some other ones! I really liked these embroideries because they sparkled. <3 Don’t know the names of the people who made these though, as I forgot to take a picture of the paper with the names properly.

Jessica Andersdotter_0353

They had hung the entire archive on a wall outside the main room! So pretty. Marita was a furniture and textile designer!Jessica Andersdotter_0369
She was also active when it came to important issues like stopping 3G. Haha. <3Jessica Andersdotter_0356 Jessica Andersdotter_0355

The house has like four floors, with a tiny kitchen on the second one, a bigger room for workshops and meetings on the third floor and an apartment that artists can borrow for a few weeks or whatever they need to work on some project. When we were there the students were living together there and they had been doing so for a week.

So we only got to see the second and third floor this time!
The third floor is the absolute coolest, because this brewery was deserted for years so people broke in and had parties and – of course – wrote important things on the walls. And they’ve kept parts of it when they’ve renovated the place! It’s 100% cool. Jessica Andersdotter_0360 Jessica Andersdotter_0361

And as if that wasn’t enough they had some kind of drawing workshop where people got to draw on the floor, so it’s filled with good things like Lumpy Space Princess, “transkamp” and “Cats against catcalling”.

So that was it for this visit to Art Lab Gnesta, but I’m looking forward to what will happen there in the future. I know they’re having a workshop on how to dye with plants at the end of summer, and I really want to go to that!Jessica Andersdotter_0335

We also went on some other adventures that day, there was a flea market in town that day but it was ABSOLUTELY USELESS OMG. Like there was nothing but trash?! Such a shame. But they had a system where you could buy a bag for 25 sek and fill it with stuff and that was it, so anything good went quickly. And it had already been going on for two hours when we got there. But we went inside and antiques shop and they had this amazing chair, so it wasn’t all useless. Jessica Andersdotter_0323And then we went home and smelled the lilacs and made rhubarb pie and all in all it was a great day!



the best cake in the world

the best cake in the world » Jessica Andersdotter. The best birthday cake in the world has layers of chocolate cookies and cream with hazelnut croquante and coffee and then berries and chocolate on top. Okay, so this cake you guys. Dear lord, this cake. It’s amazing, fantastic, extraordinary, magical and SPECTACULAR. I love this cake so much and have been making it for years. IT’S SO GOOD. It has gigantic cookies for some of the layers, a filling with cream, coffee and hazel croquante and then chocolate and berries on top. This one has white currants from our garden, but it’s amazing with raspberries too. I almost prefer raspberries actually. Anyway, I just have to share this.

This is almost a family recipe as my mother found it in a magazine back when she was a kid, in the days before the internet (crazy right?). The magazine had had a competition where anyone could participate with their own cake, and this one won. It’s a damn good cake, so it’s understandable. They had however left out the proportions of parts of the cake so my mother had to experiment until she found the right proportions. And then my grandma started making this too and both her and my mother have made this every now and then as I’ve grown up. AND IT’S THE BEST CAKE. Did I say it’s the best cake? Because it is. It’s the best cake. I blogged about this a few years back but this will be the first time this cake is on the web in English. You’re all so lucky.
the best cake in the world » Jessica Andersdotter. The best birthday cake in the world has layers of chocolate cookies and cream with hazelnut croquante and coffee and then berries and chocolate on top.
So on to the recipe.

The best cake in the world

The most important part – start the day before the party. It needs to sit overnight.

Gigantic cookies:

150 grams of butter
2 ¼ dl flour
2 ¼ dl of oats
1½ dl of caster sugar
1½ teaspoon baking powder
4 tsp cocoa

Mix all the ingredients. Split the dough into three equally sized parts and flatten them onto three different baking sheets with baking paper. Bake in the oven in 175 C for 12 minutes and then leave it on the baking sheet until it’s cool. Need to have that cool cake.



1½ dl caster sugar
½ dl hazelnuts
1½ dl cream
1-2 tbsp coffee

Grind the nuts or chop them up in your food processor. Melt the sugar in a pan and then mix in the nuts in the sugar. Pour the croquante onto a baking paper and wait until completely cool. Smash/chop/HULK it until it’s like nice bite sized bits. Whip the cream and mix it with the croquante and the coffee.

Grab your nicest cake-dish and layer the gigantic cookies with the filling in between. Wrap with cling film and put in your fridge overnight.



1 dl whipped cream (or something, idk, enough to cover a layer)
Dark chocolate
Currants or raspberries

Top the cake with cream, chocolate and berries and then you’re done! Time to eat!

the best cake in the world » Jessica Andersdotter. The best birthday cake in the world has layers of chocolate cookies and cream with hazelnut croquante and coffee and then berries and chocolate on top. Make this cake next time you need a cake. It’s an order. Like just do it. You won’t regret it. (Also double the recipe. I always double it. Hehe.)

PS. Turns out it was really hard to blog about baking in English for the first time. I don’t know any of the words?! I hope everything is right.