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snapdragons in the garden

We’ve been living in this house for almost two years (????????+++++++) and while the dreams for how this garden would look were grand it is taking a while to get there. But we’ve created a flowerbed with just perennials where we’ve planted a hydrangea and a clematis that’s going to be fill our thuja with gigantic blue flowers. We’re getting there! Just two days ago we went to get some more flowers, and I think I might have discovered my new favourite flower ever. Snapdragons/lejongap. I love the colours, they smell divine and they kind of remind me of lupins (which are beautiful but evil!!!!!!) and digitalis. I love both of those, but I think I prefer snapdragons. <3We also bought loads of basil and thyme so that we can use fresh herbs all summer. Sadly a few of the snapdragons broke on the way home, but I just brought them inside and put them in my favourite vase. SO CUTE. It’s good because now I can sit and plan stuff surrounded by the smell of flowers.

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dreams of a decorated home

My inspiration was replaced by some kind of infection/flu a few weeks ago and I just haven’t been very active with anything. What I have been doing, however, is playing The Sims 4. I’ve been a little bit obsessed, especially with downloading custom content and making my simmies pretty + decorate their homes. :)))) *low-key caring more about my sims life than my own for a while*

Okay, that last part isn’t completely true because I actually started getting annoyed that our house was so unfinished in comparison to my sims’ houses. I desperately wish it was as quick and easy to decorate in real life as it is in the sims (press shift and wallpaper an entire rooooooooooooooooooom <3). But I’m kind of motivated to work a little bit more on the home again! We’ve got quite a lot of wallpapering left to do (we wallpapered 4 rooms the summer we moved in and after that I’ve been like UGH WALLPAPERING NO WAY.)

But don’t think this means you’re gonna get pics of a finished and decorated library, because ya know I’ve been busy with infection and antibiotics and catching z’s. I have been Pinteresting like mad though, which is almost as productive. And I’ve found a loooooooot of pretty things online that I want to buy. Because that’s how it works! Buy new things -> wallpaper you’ve already bought will hang itself.

Bah, I’m rambling. LET’S JUST LOOK AT SOME PRETTIES! All the pictures are from the stores I’ve linked! 
I really love these Jacquard-blankets from Hemtex. And I’ve been digging pink lately (and the past week especially in interiors – hence the home / pink-board on Pinterest heh)
Mineral coasters from Stockholms Auktionsverk.

This vase from Indiska. I like it because it’s kind of dainty but it’s not as doomed in the paws of Lumos as many others vases. I think.These two brass peacock bookends. SO PRETTY. From Bukowskis.This watercan from Indiska as well. I don’t even need it, I just like the colour. :))) The mirror Quarts from Lagerhaus.
A magnifying glass that looks like it’s taken right out of Salazar Slytherin’s office. Only it’s gold, which doesn’t really make sense. You can find it on Stockholms Auktionsverk.

And that was about it for this time!
Smell ya later. <3

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christmas wishlist 2016

So, lately I’ve been finding so many things online that I really really want, and my wishlist-board on Pinterest is filling up quickly. Oh and also it’s Christmas in A MONTH. So this post seems fitting.

I honestly don’t know where time went because I don’t feel like I’m prepared for Christmas at all, but I have actually started buying gifts so I guess it’s alright. I just feel like I’m behind on planning my decorations, haha.

Aaaaaanyway, here are a few things that I would like to find under my tree this year. (Some of them are like actual reasonable wishes and then some of them are just dreams but JUST LET ME DREAM OK?!)

Click the images to get to the source and stuff.

This Blueoxy dress found on Dezzal.A Paper and wood light. The bird is made by hand from paper. <3

The Creativity Challenge by Tanner Christensen from (= my fav blog about creativity). “150 unique creative challenges to help you design, experiment, test, innovate, build, create, inspire, and unleash your creative genius.”

This blue velvet chesterfield sofa from Anthropologie. MY GOD IT’S PRETTY. Also I don’t need a sofa. But I want this one anyway.I’m currently very happy with my glasses, but I’ve completely fallen in love with these! If I needed new ones now, I’d definitely buy these.Some Super Sculpey to make cute little animals out of!
The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette of eyeshadows. Really digging matte shades right now but I don’t have that many! The only tricky part with buying eyeshadows for me is that most of them sting my eyes, so if anyone has any recommendations for eyeshadows for sensitive eyes I’m all ears!These opal rings from Etsy-shop TUMBLEANDROSE. I never really use rings though so that might be pointless. BUT LOOK AT THE PRETTY.
A Fjällräven Kånken that fits my gigantic laptop, so the 17 inch one. In Blue or Frost Green/Peach Pink.2017 Moon Phases Calendar from Moorea Seal! In Silver and Black!These Young Moon Studs also from Moorea Seal. And lastly this amazing pin from the Etsy-shop Punkypins.

What do you want for Christmas?

interiors & decor

having a garden again

For the first time in 8 years I have a garden. I have walls of green outside of nearly every window, and I have my own patch of grass to lie on should I want to. And even though this garden doesn’t have as much flowers as I grew up with, it’s sosososo beautiful.20160625_1306The peonies have been in full bloom and they’re probably the most beautiful thing ever.20160625_116420160625_1237On the other side of the house we have a mock orange with a million flowers. Smells so good! 20160625_1172 Right below the mock orange we have a table filled with tiny little plants. I think all of them are edible, but if you want to know more you’re gonna have to ask my mum.20160625_1242Loads of tiny plants.20160625_1168We have tomatoes on the way!20160625_1238And a bunch of other things.20160625_1239At the front are the peppers I got from Alicia a while back. 20160625_1241Look! It says so on the little sign. 20160625_1175And we bought some lovage. (It’s really interesting translating all these names of plants into English haha, they have such weird names.)20160625_1182Also!!! We’ve decided on what green we’re going for on the house! This one! And that shade of white, and some details in red but probs not that shade of red so don’t mind that part. 20160625_118520160625_1187We also have a bunch of pink roses spread around the garden, which is pretty amazing.
20160625_1205And by the old well there are a million pink and white lilies.20160625_119220160625_120020160625_1202  20160625_1216 20160625_1218 20160625_1221So pretty!! 20160625_1198And red and black currants on the way! 20160625_1223Our potatoes kinda blend into the bushes behind them, but they’re the leaves in the middle! They’ll be done soon as well! 20160625_1243 The patio has net all around it so Lumos can be there all day, and we have these cute little lanterns out there! I love them so much.20160625_1247And geraniums! Lumos fell on them a while back while hunting a fly though so they look a bit sad.20160625_1260In the hanging pots we have petunias that are dark purple and almost black. They’re pretty cool.20160625_1263 20160625_1270All in all it’s just so nice. 20160625_1271Whenever you’re in the garden you get this little fellow looking out at you from the patio. <320160625_1276At the front of the house we have these weird little things, haha. They’re the beds for all the plants, including covers to keep them safe.20160625_1277We also have these tripods that have covers too, mostly to keep the stupid spanish slugs away!!!!20160625_1278They get in anyway sometimes and they FREAKING EAT EVERYTHING. STUPID SLUGS.20160625_128220160625_1285Anyway, right by our little road are our raspberries! There are so many on the way I’M SO EXCITED.20160625_1286And further down the little road there’s a hedge of white and pink roses that smell absolutely divine.20160625_1296And of course, a bunch of clover in the lawn! Because who wants a lawn with just grass!20160625_1300And these tiny daisies. 20160625_1304
And lastly, in one of the flowerbeds that’s mostly covered with weeds, there is this pretty combination of pink roses and white flowers that is SO AMAZING. I look at it every day and it just makes me happy.

To be honest, the entire garden makes me happy. To sit on the patio under the roof while it’s raining, to see how it all grows and changes, to be so happy by all the surprises it has for us this first summer and even how the hatred for the spanish slugs unites my family. Except Lumos though. He just thinks they’re gross. He stepped on one during one of our walks and then poked it a few times and pretty much went “ew”.

The only bad part is mowing the lawn, honestly.
But I think it’s worth it.