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Explore the Global Goals @ Kastellet

  A little over a week ago I went on quite the adventure together with a friend. It was time for the opening of the exhibit Explore the Global Goals with Global Goals Lab and Quantified Planet. The exhibition is an intersection between art and tech, where we got to explore different projects that were working towards the global goals as well as see some art that interpreted them. It lasts until August 12 and is located at Kastellet in Vaxholm. Kastellet is an old fort which means the art was exhibited inside the room where they kept the gunpowder. It was an AMAZING room and impossible to get a good picture of. But trust me – it was cool  There was a little shop where they sold the solar cell lamp that Olafur Eliasson has worked on! It’s called Little Sun, and it’s a really interesting project where tech meets art! Read more about it here.  There was a lot of stuff to read at the exhibition, and everything was so interesting and/or upsetting. LIKE THIS like wtf.   Elin Engström had made a vest that weighed 8 kg = the amount of fabric we through away in a year per person. 
On a box in the middle there was this AMAZING wallpaper/pattern by Maja Sten. <3  We bought some ice cream in the shop when we were all “exhibited out” and sat on this bench! LOOK AT THE FLOWERS AND THE WALL ugh it was so amazing.  The view was okay.But rain was obviously on its way.

We then took the little cable ferry over to the main island and got on board the boat that would take us home to Stockholm again. It was an actual steamboat (where you could look through an open door and both see the engine and feel the heat from it). It was the FANCIEST boat as well, with wooden walls everywhere, painted patterns in the ceilings and red velvet seats.

It was a long but amazing and inspiring day! Such a great experience!!!

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snapdragons in the garden

We’ve been living in this house for almost two years (????????+++++++) and while the dreams for how this garden would look were grand it is taking a while to get there. But we’ve created a flowerbed with just perennials where we’ve planted a hydrangea and a clematis that’s going to be fill our thuja with gigantic blue flowers. We’re getting there! Just two days ago we went to get some more flowers, and I think I might have discovered my new favourite flower ever. Snapdragons/lejongap. I love the colours, they smell divine and they kind of remind me of lupins (which are beautiful but evil!!!!!!) and digitalis. I love both of those, but I think I prefer snapdragons. <3We also bought loads of basil and thyme so that we can use fresh herbs all summer. Sadly a few of the snapdragons broke on the way home, but I just brought them inside and put them in my favourite vase. SO CUTE. It’s good because now I can sit and plan stuff surrounded by the smell of flowers.

everyday life

plants! cats! walls! yay!

When I showed you all the street art I saw in Valencia I told you I would tell you about the rest of that day some other time. I’m gonna be honest with you – I forgot about that. But then I remembered, so it’s all good. So time to look at our visit to the botanical garden in Valencia.

_DSC0099 _DSC0094_DSC0097Jardí Botanic is located right outside the old wall that used to protect the center of the city, and we walked to the garden from our tour through Carmen. The wall was pretty epic and impossible to take pictures of. :(_DSC0107The special thing about this garden is that it’s the home of a bunch of stray cats, and there are apparently people taking care of them and feeding them. <3 Cats and plants, like too good to be true. _DSC0124_DSC0127It was hard to take pictures of the place as the trees were GIGANTIC, but the air felt so fresh and it was absolutely wonderful to walk around in the garden and just breathe. And look at the fish._DSC0134I only really started taking pictures when we got to the area for cacti. <3_DSC0135It was so cool._DSC0156 _DSC0147And these fuzzy ones looked amazing in the sun._DSC0138But most of all I just love that cacti are so graphical. Like look at this! So great._DSC0159But I know, you’re all wondering the same thing, where are all the cats?!?! I wondered the same thing, as we only got to see this ONE cat. It was a national holiday in Spain that day though so there were a lot of people, and our theory was that the cats just stayed the hell away from the children running around and stuff, haha. My mother and sister visited this place last year and saw like fifty cats just chilling, so I’m excited about visiting again a day with less people and look at all the kitties.

And also just get to breathe that air again.

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christmas wishlist 2016

So, lately I’ve been finding so many things online that I really really want, and my wishlist-board on Pinterest is filling up quickly. Oh and also it’s Christmas in A MONTH. So this post seems fitting.

I honestly don’t know where time went because I don’t feel like I’m prepared for Christmas at all, but I have actually started buying gifts so I guess it’s alright. I just feel like I’m behind on planning my decorations, haha.

Aaaaaanyway, here are a few things that I would like to find under my tree this year. (Some of them are like actual reasonable wishes and then some of them are just dreams but JUST LET ME DREAM OK?!)

Click the images to get to the source and stuff.

This Blueoxy dress found on Dezzal.A Paper and wood light. The bird is made by hand from paper. <3

The Creativity Challenge by Tanner Christensen from (= my fav blog about creativity). “150 unique creative challenges to help you design, experiment, test, innovate, build, create, inspire, and unleash your creative genius.”

This blue velvet chesterfield sofa from Anthropologie. MY GOD IT’S PRETTY. Also I don’t need a sofa. But I want this one anyway.I’m currently very happy with my glasses, but I’ve completely fallen in love with these! If I needed new ones now, I’d definitely buy these.Some Super Sculpey to make cute little animals out of!
The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette of eyeshadows. Really digging matte shades right now but I don’t have that many! The only tricky part with buying eyeshadows for me is that most of them sting my eyes, so if anyone has any recommendations for eyeshadows for sensitive eyes I’m all ears!These opal rings from Etsy-shop TUMBLEANDROSE. I never really use rings though so that might be pointless. BUT LOOK AT THE PRETTY.
A Fjällräven Kånken that fits my gigantic laptop, so the 17 inch one. In Blue or Frost Green/Peach Pink.2017 Moon Phases Calendar from Moorea Seal! In Silver and Black!These Young Moon Studs also from Moorea Seal. And lastly this amazing pin from the Etsy-shop Punkypins.

What do you want for Christmas?