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Time for some more creative life-updates! Not as a video like last time, though, but a regular old post. I know, the nostalgia is almost too intense to handle.

Aaanyway, on to the creative lifelylife. One super exciting thing that has happened since last time is that the exhibition I’m part of had its opening!! This was like three weeks ago though haha. I didn’t bring my camera because it’s SO ANNOYING AND HEAVY but I took some pictures with my phone!

These are the three images that I’m exhibiting! I know I was like all mysterious about them in the video last time but honestly unless you’re like FAKE FAN #1 you’ve probably seen them before. Actually, maybe not if you only follow me on the blog, but I feel like I’ve shared them a few times on Facebook and Instagram!

They’re glossy prints from Crimson that I’ve hung in poster hangers from Lagerhaus! The poster hangers were just wooden when I bought them so I painted them black as it suited the images better. The cool part about them being glossy is the reflection on the floor! It didn’t turn up until we finished setting up the lights properly, but it looks so coooooooool. They’re 70×100 cm too, so they’re pretty big. It was so amazing to see my art properly printed for the first time(!!!), and I left the gallery that night feeling overwhelmed by all the compliments I got. (Humblebrag haha.)

Celestial by Jessica AndersdotterI’ve made my contribution to the Monthly Makers challenge this month! The theme is Geometry and today is the last day to link your creation over on Fredrika’s blog. You can also see the process behind this image (and its partner) in the blog post about my creation for Geometry.Absence by Jessica AndersdotterI’ve also made this one + two images to go with it! It’s a kind of collage with 3D-generated imagery and photography! I really like this series. Not showing you all of them because I think I’m going to make a separate post with the process behind these!

The Crate Challenge on HitrecordOne of my favourite parts of the week is making something for The Crate Challenge on Hitrecord. Hitrecord is – if you didn’t know – the best website ever, as it’s a place where people a) upload things they’ve created b) collaborate and make stuff together and c) issue challenges to inspire others to create. An ongoing challenge on the website is “The Crate Challenge”, which gives you a “crate” of images every week to use in a collage/graphic design/new image. Trying to combine the images each week is such a boost for my creativity, and reminds me to try out ways of expressing myself even if it’s still digital! You can find all my Crate Challenge-creations in an album on Hitrecord here. The image above is made with resources from four other creators on Hitrecord, and you can find them cited here.Lenora by Jessica AndersdotterI also went back to a technique I used a lot in November, where I combine a script in Processing with a lot of Photoshop to create these images filled with lines. Made Lenora here a while back.

Silent skies by Jessica AndersdotterAnd I’ve made Silent skies! They’re a combination of 3D and pixel sorting! The mountains are made with C4D (actually really basic to make a random mountain shape!) and then I’ve pixel sorted them in After Effects and edited it a lot in Photoshop!
And then one day I was bored so I downloaded some prism photography of some flowers from last year and played around with it on my phone!! Kind of went overboard with the scratches on the middle one but that’s life when you’re editing on a tiny screen. I enjoy making stuff on the phone sometimes as I can chill out in bed at the same time AND the premade effects in apps like Glitché (which is what I’ve used for the dragged out effect in these images) give me ideas for new things to make! I don’t really see it as me properly creating (not enough control etc), but it is good fun and sometimes gives me new ideas so it’s all good!! And I actually had to edit two of these in Photoshop to get them to match in colour, because the thing about using apps is that you can’t save layers and see what you did to it when you want to make something similar!

And then I tried to make a new profile pic for like my art Instagram and Facebook page, but it doesn’t really feel like it represents my style in general so idk. I like it though! Was really unsure about it right after I made it and barely wanted to share it, but I want to do more stuff like this now! I’ve set a goal to dare to share (sounds like a hashtag #daretoshare) things that maybe don’t go with my ~theme~ perfectly and stuff like that. Not that I really have a perfect theme, but I find myself thinking that I’m not going to share something EVEN THOUGH I’m happy with it just because “I might lose followers” which is the most stupid thing ever. So just a big nope to that.

And that was it!

Other random things that have happened:

  • Finally met Emma last week! It was the best!
  • I’ve watched Riverdale TWICE haha… Partly because because it just makes me happy in general and partly because Cole Sprouse heh. Like it’s a little bit cheesy but I like cheese so I guess it’s my thing. Jughead 4 life. (Also Bughead but shhh.)
  • Going to an after work tomorrow at Kulturhuset where we get a guided tour of an exhibition and then DRINKS. I don’t drink though so I’m mostly just excited about the art. But I guess it’ll be nice to have a soda too! Or just water. Hydration is important!!
  • I’ve started rewatching Doctor Who!!!! Was a massive fan like five years ago but kind of lost interest like somewhere around/before Capaldi started. BUT ANYWAY I’ve watched the first episode from 2005 (I’m not about the 70s DW-life) and UGH it made me so happy. RoseEeeeEeEeEEeEEe.
  • I got Skillshare. Why did I not have Skillshare before???????? Silly me. Anyway, the best part about it is probably that there’s a class on there about how to program generative art yourself in Processing?!?!?!?!??! I’m so going to learn that. After I’ve made it through the six hours of videos that the class contains. Heh.

Feel free to comment what you’ve been up to, but maybe limit it to the latest week as a month is a bit much! 

art & inspiration, my art & creations

my creative life #4 – VIDEO omg

OMG. I’m joining you in video form today! Isn’t that crazy! I thought I’d upgrade my creative updates to video updates, so this is the first one! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

Other things:

And that was all I had to say! This looks like a pretty short blog post but considering the millions of words I said in that video I don’t think it is haha.
Whatever. Hope you like it!

art & inspiration

Inspiration for Monthly Makers “Loppis”

The new theme for Monthly Makers was released a few days ago, and it really doesn’t translate that well into English because “flea market” sounds like such a weird theme haha. Maybe “thrifted” is a better word? Anyway, that’s kind of what it is. You can head on over to Stina to see the presentation.

I thought I’d put together a post with some inspiration on the theme! I’m thinking a lot about collages and stuff like that for this month, as I kind of just want to interpret in a way of reusing old things/things that were meant to be used for something else!

Below are a few things that are inspiring me! Click the images to get to original!

Ghost photographs by Angela DeaneAngela Deane’s Ghost Photographs. Drawing on found photographs. Amazing.Blackout poem by bokpoesiThis blackout poem by Bokpoesi.This embroidery street art by Raquel Rodrigo. Vilde Rolfsen’s plastic bag landscapes. THESE ARE SO STUNNING I can’t believe they’re plastic bags???

Also, shameless self-promotion – here are a few things I’ve made myself! skapa, jessica andersdotter, collageMountain collage made from old magazines ripped into PIECES. (rest in pieces HEHEHEHE)Thrifted book + thrifted flowers = flower book. Prism by Jessica Andersdotter, 2015. Prism photography, taking pictures through a crystal. And of course you can take pictures through different thrifted things, like an old prism! Yay!

And that was it for this time!

Read about how to participate in Monthly Makers here! The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are Alicia, Beatrice, Elsa, Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna, Julia, Mikaela, Ruth, StinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

art & inspiration

Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl Museum

Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl MuseumHad the best day the other day! The most colorful day of my life, probably. The morning was spent together with the creative superstar and blogger extraordinaire Anna María at the information breakfast for press for the exhibition “Colour Emotions” at the Hallwyl Museum! And in the evening I went to the opening. It was spectacular, really, and I thought I’d tell you all a little bit about my day + the creations. (Which were amazing, so keep reading.)

But first a little bit about the exhibition! It is part of Stockholm Design Week, and curated and created by the talented (and ever so colourful) interior artist Sara Garanty. It’s been a yearly thing for three years now, with different themes every year, but one thing in common: it’s colourful. Sara wants to promote the use of colours in a country which is otherwise characterized by a lot of grey skies and white interiors. (Sweden, if you didn’t guess.)

So she has curated this show of 10 female creators (herself included) that use colour in their work, and blends together art and design in all its forms in an exhibition that is really all about one thing – colour. The theme for this year was “Broken Illusions”, and all the artists/creators had interpreted this in their own way! But back to yesterday morning, where me and Anna María visited the Hallwyl Museum to learn more about this colourful world! Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl Museum
We were welcomed by the most amount of croissants I’ve ever seen! Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl MuseumThis all took place in the old kitchen in the palace (the Hallwyl Museum is an old palace that the richest family in Sweden decided to build in the 1890s! with no limitations to the budget haha…) and there were random old things everywhere!Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl Museum
Sara introduced the exhibition and presented the artists (here the textile artist Malin Bobeck with an amazing jacket <3)! But before that we got a little lecture about the impact colour has on people (and rats haha) by Norwegian colour expert Dagny Thurmann-Moe! It was crazy interesting, and I wish I had been taking notes so that I could tell you more about it, but I might buy her book Farger til Folket and see if it refreshes my memory!

Got really excited to surround myself with colours though! Like apparently people get more stressed in these modern/white/grey environments! Didn’t know that! (Note to everyone who has seen Skam: she did say we “trenger” colour, and all I could think was “kroppen din trenger potet”. “Trenger” is one of my new favourite words in the world.)Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl Museum - ÄrlighetsÄrarna
And then it was time for performance by ÄrlighetsÄrarna.Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl MuseumAnd then we went outside to the little wooden “house” which contained the exhibition. It’s placed in the middle of the inner courtyard of the palace. The house interestingly lacks a “finish” on the outside – raw wood, visible construction and just very simple. Really interesting contrast to the objects inside it! (Which you’ll see in a sec, promise.)Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl Museum - Lisa HillandThe first creator you came across during your journey through the house was Lisa Hilland. She’s an interior designer, who had interpreted her favourite colour red through a sea of red and pink tulips and a floating chair above it. Colour Emotions at the Hallwyl Museum - Lisa Hilland
I want a sea of tulips at home!!

Next out was the ceramic artist Fanny Ollas. She had made different objects where she explored the colour pink, the ideas surrounding the “girly” aesthetic and celebrate it in a world where it has kind of a low status. Really interesting + important!Here’s a quote out of the pamphlet that I really like: “Pink is nowadays a very trendy color but it still seems the aesthetics of the “little girl” has a low status and that many people avoid it in fear of being marginalized. It is still controversial for boys to dress as girls and when we talk about being neutral, we often talk about a masculine coded style.” So true and depressing, but I’m glad she decided to take a stand up against that in this way!!  Designer Hanna Werning had explored this pattern of squares cut into pieces in different ways!With everything from shelves to vases, blocks and stools. So cool!
Katarina Hornsö had made these paintings with different intuitive and fluid techniques! They’re so prettyyy. And then there was this amazing dark part of the house where Malin Bobeck had created a fantastic interactive textile light show experience magic thing. I can’t even describe it, it was just amazing. The walls were covered in gigantic fabrics that she had weaved fiber optics into. They were like colourful flowing light-oysters and it was just STUNNING. It was all controlled by a tufted ball in the middle that controlled the light when you touched it.       It was so hard to take pictures of this so you get like ten of them, but it was SERENE. It really reminded me of one of Yayoi Kusamas Infinity Mirrored Rooms that I saw at Moderna Museet last year. Ugh, so good. Check out Malin’s website for more (and better) images of this room!

Fashion designer Maxjenny! had made beautiful colourful clothes! 
Sara Garanty herself had made art from pieces of mirror as well as decorated a room inspired by all the creators from the show. This painting is by Katarina Hornsö! On a shelf in the room were these “mirror books” with photographs on them, made by photographer Mathilda Werngren. So pretty!

And those are the contents of the exhibition! I highly recommend you go! It’s at the Hallwyl Museum’s inner courtyard until 19/2 and it’s free!

Personally I went for a break after the breakfast and managed to sit at one café with Anna María for a while, meet another friend to study at another café later on and then deciding to return to the first one because it was calmer. And then it was time to go back for the opening of the show!
We waited for a while in the entrance to the palace. So pretty.
The entire place had been lit in a very dramatic manner! 
There was a line to enter the exhibition house for the entire time we were there (for a little more than two hours). So cool! People like colours, apparently. 
Sara had a little welcoming speech and Dagny about colours again!

And in the kitchen there were pretty flowers + cointreau fizz-drinks which we thought were bottles of soap the first time we saw someone holding them. (They had a little lid on them and were like tiny plastic bottles. I was so sure that lady was drinking soap!) I drank a kombucha/ginger drink though! 
And then I came home to our house somewhere around ten, and fell asleep instantly. The next day I opened the poster we were given at the breakfast and decided to add it to my wall immediately. It’s Hanna Werning’s pattern, to the left of course. Goes well with Klimt, whales, Beedle the Bard, Magritte and Hokusai, I think.

SO that was my adventure at Colour Emotions! It was really spectacular all of it, and I’m so happy I got to go see it!

If you want to go see the exhibition you can find more information here. But all you need to know is Hallwyl Museum and until 19/2 really.