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Erica Coburn and her dreamy photographs and soothing light

I keep finding new and amazing artists recently. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY GREAT ONES OUT THERE.

My latest favourite is Irish photographer Erica Coburn. There is just such an intense dreaminess in her images. And the liiiiiiiiight. Ahh. It soothes me. Let’s take a look! There’s something about all of Erica’s work that makes me think of spring. Might just be because it’s spring right now. There’s warmth and safety and the smell of grass.   The colour palette is soft and natural but still out of this world, and it’s just so hard to describe!
Basically it’s all so soft and pretty and I just can’t take it.

Follow Erica Coburn on Facebook here. Other places: Instagram, Hitrecordblog, Flickr.

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songs I listen to while creating

Music is an important part of my creative process. I always listen to music while creating, and what I listen to greatly influences what I create. So today I thought I’d share with you a few songs that I’ve been listening to a lot while creating recently!

ionnalee – Samaritan

I found out a few days ago (!!) that Jonna Lee (aka iamamiwhoami) had released something new as ionnalee. AND I DIDN’T KNOW. AND IT’S BRILLIANT. I could’ve listened to this for a whole month but haven’t! I’m very upset! Anyway, the audiovisual above made me confused and emotional as usual with Jonna Lee haha. <3

Jonathan Johansson – Old News

Jonathan Johansson falls under my top ten when it comes to music. I just love him so much. (Lebensraum is probs my most listened to album.) I haven’t listened to Love & Devotion that much yet but Old News has been running on repeat quite a lot. Heh.

Vérité – Somebody Else

This is a cover of a 1975 song! I actually really like the original too, but this cover is just so sooooooooothing and lovely.

alt-J – In Cold Blood

Okay, this video is like an stroboscopic nightmare, but the song is really amazing. I love alt-J.

Oh Wonder – Ultralife

I’ve realised I’ve picked songs from a few of my most listened to artists and bands throughout this post, and this is no exception. Oh Wonder is just amazing, and I love Ultralife. It makes me happi.

And that was it! ionnalee’s Samaritan is probs the one I’ve listened to the most out of these, but they’re all quality songs. Yup.



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inspiration for Monthly Makers: Animals

So yeah! The cat’s out of the bag (hehehehe) – the theme for Monthly Makers this month is Animals. I thought I’d show you a few things I’ve made previously that are inspired by animals! A lot of it is pretty old so it’ll be a fun little throwback!I made antler brooches a few years ago! Still love these, although I currently have no idea where they are. :) And then last year I found a dragon in a bonfire!!!The human species is a kind of animal, so portraits work too! Here’s a self portrait/double exposure!Uh is jellyfish an animal…………………………. Whatever, they look good in pictures! I might actually take some pictures of my Lumos for this theme.Or some other cat! This picture is from almost ten years ago. This is our neighbours cat Sigge.  Birds work too! Speaking of birds – here’s a raven in paper and an embroidery space dove! A few years ago I spent a looooooot of time making these felted animals! Still cute.Most importantly though, this is the perfect theme to embrace the cute little beans on a kittypaw. Maybe with a camera, or with a scanner like here.

Also, I just kept thinking about Miike Snow’s song Animal while writing this post, so I decided I’d make a playlist with animal related songs/bands/artists. Maybe it’ll inspire someone!

For those of you who didn’t know, this month is also National Poetry Writing Month, and you’re meant to write a poem a day but I think we could all embrace it by writing poems about animals this month! Well at least I wanted to make you all aware that it’s a perfect opportunity to try out poetry! Animals can be so symbolic in poems, so I’d say it’s a perfect opportunity.

I don’t have much experience with poetry, but find it easier when I have some rules to follow and if what I’m writing has to be short. A good example of this is a haiku but I would also like to recommend Wirrow’s challenge for 3×4 poetry on Hitrecord. Blackout poetry is great too.


(Secret links to other great animal things:

The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are Alicia, Beatrice, Elsa, Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna, Julia, Mikaela, Ruth, StinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

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Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual art

Okay, prepare yourselves to be overwhelmed by the world of poetry and visual art. While I was crushing on Noor Unnahar’s art before I started writing this, it’s nothing compared to what I feel after looking through her stuff to find my favourites. I’m completely overwhelmed. I almost screamed out loud. “They’re all my favourites! What the hell! This girl is brilliant!” She combines so many things in her creations, and it’s sosososo beautiful.

Which is why I am overwhelmed by Noor Unnahar today.

Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual art

Because let me tell you – we’re going on an adventure through the land of visual art and poetry today. I was going to say something about how this is some kind of amazing poetry that is both art and poetry, but isn’t all poetry art? This is something more than words though. Noor Unnahar has created her own kind of mixed media poetry. It’s free verse meets art journaling meets photography. Most importantly, though, it moves me to the core.

Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual art

About Noor Unnahar:

Noor Unnahar is a 19 year old Pakistani girl, but really she’s just so many things. She is a writer and an artist, but she’s also a blogger + YouTuber (a super pro one – look at this work with me-page omg), a blog designer and a business student. Her blog is about books, art, lifestyle and design and she likes tea and statement necklaces. I’m sure she is many more things that I don’t even know about, but one thing is for sure – she’s a poet.

Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual artNoor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual art The first one in this post reallyreally got me when I first saw it on Twitter, I mean, I could write an essay about what it means that she’s burning the poem itself but I’m not gonna. (I’m making you go back and look at it again now, idk if that’s proper blogging but DEAL WITH IT) The one about kindness (no 1 of the two above) made me cry a little bit, and the bathroom tiles give me hope. Which isn’t a sentence I ever thought I would say. Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual art
“Make your name something completely, terrifyingly, beautifully out of this world” is my new motto. Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual artPoetry + embroidery + floral photography = be still, my beating heart.   Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual artNoor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual artShe really makes me want to start art journaling, too. It looks amazing. (I’d probs do it digitally like my friend and fellow artist Kelly did!)

Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual art Noor Unnahar: a world of poetry and visual art

So yeah. I could’ve made this post twice as long really. I just love this so much. And I’m kinda jelly of the flowers and green leaves she seems to have around her. Everything looks rotten here still, but soon. SOON.

Aaaanyway, please check out Noor’s stuff – she is truly inspiring! Here’s her blog Noor’s Place, her YouTube and Instagram – but she’s on other social media and you’ll find the links to those on her blog!

Make your name something completely, terrifyingly, beautifully out of this world.