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Monthly Makers Fabric / Midnight

I was going to make something that wasn’t digital this time… I was going to paint, on an actual (fabric) canvas and try something new. And I did try it! It went horribly. Nothing turned out like I wanted it to and I left the paints so frustrated and mad that I actually decided to never paint again. Well, I might actually paint again. That was a bit of a heat of the moment-thing. But still, I needed some time to cool down so I wasn’t really going to pick up the brush again this month.

So I returned to my trusted computer, and started to brainstorm ideas on how to interpret the word “fabric” digitally. It wasn’t really obvious to me, but in a moment of utter hubris I decided I was going to draw flowing fabrics in Illustrator. As if I would’ve been able to do that…….. But I never got that far, because while I was looking for advice on how to draw fabric I came across this tutorial on how to make a satin texture in Photoshop. And it worked! I had to tweak the method a little bit as it didn’t really work on larger files and ended up with these weird lines and slight choppyness that I didn’t like. But I applied a few different kinds of blurs and stuff and it worked. I actually only generated this one piece of “satin” and used different parts of it for the finished images!
I applied some color to it and didn’t really know what to do with it at this point. (I think the image above is before I blurred it too because it looks a bit choppy still!) But I didn’t feel like it was a finished artwork yet! And then I remembered I had been meaning to draw different crystals for a while, and that they would look cool against the satin! So that’s what I did! The crystals are made in Illustrator with the pen tool and then just gradients added to each side! Pretty simple but still cool.

Added them to the satin and edited the images a little bit more (added noise and stuff like that) and then they were done! The Midnight Trio.

Midnight I. Midnight II. 
Midnight III.

And that was it for this time! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created on the theme “FABRIC”.

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative. During 2017 we’ll be launching twelve themes – one for every month – to inspire and challenge you. For February the theme is FABRIC and Wilda is hosting. Comment on her post here with a link to your creation before 28/5 to be a part of the compilation. More inspiration can be found over on Pinterest.

The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are Alicia, Beatrice, Elsa, Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna, Julia, Mikaela, Ruth, StinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

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my creative life

my creative life #11

So I seem to have had some kind of mental hangover after my very intense day of video making last Monday. Like I filmed (and filmed way too many retakes because I was nervous) and edited in one day. And so right after I had published it I just got super sad and wanted to delete it and everything was stupid. So weird.

Anyway, this also meant that I forgot to publish My Creative Life last Friday. I don’t have like a set rule to publish them on Fridays, but I like to keep some routine for them. Well, we’re gonna have to live with it being a Sunday-post this week! Let’s take a look!Inspired by my mountains that I made last week I made a full piece with just the triangle pattern!

I actually didn’t make this one for it to be an outstanding piece of art in itself, but because it’d look cool on pillows and stuff. Which it does! And also it was v fun to make. :D Here’s a link to the super cool pillow if you want to purchase it. I also continued making mountains for a little while, making “Marauder” here which accidentally turned into some kind of James and Remus tribute, hence the title. Pixel sorted a little bit. Here’s Katy.  Combined some colours from an old distorted image with some clouds and pixel sorted it. Decided to try running the same image through a Processing script that generates these pretty lines, and I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I decided both got to live. First one is Gloria and this one is Ella. And I really got back into that Processing script! I haven’t used it in a while, but I do really like the effect. Here’s Veronica. 
And Janelle. 
Made this today! The clouds I’ve used for the background and the moon are both from Unsplash, which is like the best thing ever. High-res high quality images that you can do whatever you want with. Amazing.
Oh and of course, I made that video about what an artist is/what it’s like to call yourself an artist and stuff!

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what is an artist?

I’ve made another video!! It’s only been like two months since the last one, but aaaaaaaanyway! Here it is!

I was at a Youtube event organised by Influencers of Sweden last week and got SUPER HYPED about making videos! So hyped in fact that I filmed and edited this video in one go, like I had some lunch but no breaks haha…. Probs not the best way to do it, but I just wanted to get it out there.

Anyway, I’m discussing what an artist is as well as what it’s like to call yourself an artist in this video! I really struggle with that last part, and it’s kind of annoying, so I wanted to help EVERYONE but most of all help myself because that’s how human beings work!! Hehe.


my creative life

my creative life #10

I almost summarised my creative week in my mountain-post yesterday, but I thought we’d go through everything anyway. Well not everything, if you want to see all the mountains you can just go there.
Iceberg by Jessica AndersdotterBut yeah, I tried to make a buddy for Cosmic, but it was kinda hard. I mean this one is kind of the same style but I don’t like that it’s more naive in a way? Also I just noticed the stars are pink haha how did they turn pink!!!!!! Let’s pretend that was on purpose. :))) "Cosmic II" by Jessica Andersdotter
So I made this attempting to not be as naive, but I’m still not that happy with it, so I don’t know!!
"Monstera" by Jessica Andersdotter
Anyway, I also made something completely different – this is “Monstera”! I had this ~vision~ of a geometric leaf, and monstera was what came to my mind.I tried to make another one yesterday but it turned out absolute crap. I tried to combine the pattern on the leaf with a triangle pattern but it was just a mess. Also I think the shape of this “leaf” is just ugly. STUPID PLANT. Do you have any recommendations for great leaves that could work in this kind of way? I don’t know enough plants. Maybe some kind of succulent would be cool? Hmhm. I also started making diamonds this week!! I just noticed this one needs a little bit of work (as if I’ll ever do that but whatever). Here’s one of them, which is a neony swirly one. 
And then I made an underwater diamond!! Using some pixel sorting imagery for the diamond, which looks really cool!! Like light is bouncing inside it!

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