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Adobe’s #MunchContest

Adobe have issued a contest! They’ve recently digitized Edvard Munch’s actual brushes (!!!) so that anyone can use them to paint in Photoshop and Sketch! So cool. 

So they’re challenging people to paint something using these brushes, and I’ve made something for it!

I actually started by checking out the other creations that were uploaded under the tag on Behance, which wasn’t a very good idea as I instantly got insecure about what to create myself. But I gathered some courage and decided I wouldn’t be affected by all the Scream-like images that others had created and make it in my own way! I thought I’d talk you through the process today! So I thought we’d start with looking at the finished result! Here it is! I’ve used the brushes to create the stars and some structures, and the main Scream-like thing about this is the general composition.

Here’s what I’ve written in my submission on Behance:

I decided I wanted to interpret “The Scream” in my own way, and convert it into something abstract that still resembled the original and – most importantly – remained as emotional. I’ve kept the general shapes and composition from the original but changed the rest. Where the original is conveying great anxiety and fear, this image is the expression of a scream that might not have come out of fear.

When I wrote this I mainly thought about Ronja’s “vårskrik” in Ronja the Robbers Daughter. But this image isn’t really a vårskrik either, idk what it is. Anyway!

I started by sketching the composition + the colours I wanted using the brushes. This image is so ugly that I don’t want to show it but IT’S PART OF THE PROCESS SO YEAH.

I used the displacement in Photoshop to make it a little bit more interesting.

I used this picture of some swirling acrylic paint as a base. The composition kind of resembles that of “The Scream”, as I see it. With the different coloured shape at the top and the white face in the middle.

I then liquified it and edited it a little bit to make the shapes a little bit different.

After that I added the first sketch on top using “color” as blending mode. I also added stars by using the actual Munch brushes, though I had to use a layer mask to make them a little bit more scattered.

And then I edited it a little bit and added noise. 

And lastly I put it into After Effects to pixel sort it!

Here are a few detail pics!!

And that’s about it!! So let us hope that I win! I want to go to Las Vegas and Oslo :)))


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