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dreamy distortions

I’m constantly looking for new techniques. I always have, really. Currently I’m crazy obsessed with abstract digital art, so I’m mostly looking for new ways to create that! And I’ve just found one, which is so much fun!

"Valerie", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterThis one, “Valerie”, is my favourite of the latest ones. I like that it looks like light streaming through the water or the surface of an exploding planer or something like that. abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterValerie is actually made from this image, which is a composite of some images from Unsplash. (Which are free to do whatever you want with. It’s the best.) Mostly images of nebulae from Nasa. "Stella", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterWhich is also the background image for this one. I make these ones with a script in processing that generates the lines based on the image you put in, and then I blend the lines with the original image!

"Winona", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterI use different distortions and displacements in After Effects to create this effect. I’m really enjoying working in AE recently! But it takes a while to figure things out as I’m way more used to the way Photoshop works, but it’s nice. In theory I should easily be able to create moving versions of these images since I’m working in AE, so we’ll see if I ever try that. The one above is called “Winona”."River", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterSo after creating some other ones I feel like the first ones I made aren’t really that great, but I’m gonna keep them up anyway. I might change my mind. This is River. "Amelie", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterOne of my friends said Winona looks like some kind of beautiful mineral, and I think the same thing goes for this one, “Amelie”. sapphire 82 copy And then I started to experiment with lighting and these light effects, and I reallyyyy like the result. Looks like it’s exploding!23_3ps copy sapphire 62 ae klar copy
This one is another favourite. These three are called Rae, Evelina and Joyce.

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plants! cats! walls! yay!

When I showed you all the street art I saw in Valencia I told you I would tell you about the rest of that day some other time. I’m gonna be honest with you – I forgot about that. But then I remembered, so it’s all good. So time to look at our visit to the botanical garden in Valencia.

_DSC0099 _DSC0094_DSC0097Jardí Botanic is located right outside the old wall that used to protect the center of the city, and we walked to the garden from our tour through Carmen. The wall was pretty epic and impossible to take pictures of. :(_DSC0107The special thing about this garden is that it’s the home of a bunch of stray cats, and there are apparently people taking care of them and feeding them. <3 Cats and plants, like too good to be true. _DSC0124_DSC0127It was hard to take pictures of the place as the trees were GIGANTIC, but the air felt so fresh and it was absolutely wonderful to walk around in the garden and just breathe. And look at the fish._DSC0134I only really started taking pictures when we got to the area for cacti. <3_DSC0135It was so cool._DSC0156 _DSC0147And these fuzzy ones looked amazing in the sun._DSC0138But most of all I just love that cacti are so graphical. Like look at this! So great._DSC0159But I know, you’re all wondering the same thing, where are all the cats?!?! I wondered the same thing, as we only got to see this ONE cat. It was a national holiday in Spain that day though so there were a lot of people, and our theory was that the cats just stayed the hell away from the children running around and stuff, haha. My mother and sister visited this place last year and saw like fifty cats just chilling, so I’m excited about visiting again a day with less people and look at all the kitties.

And also just get to breathe that air again.

thoughts about creativity

not feeling “worthy” as an artist

Alternative title: How to not feel like a lesser artist the Jessica Andersdotter way: think about it!
Also: Way too long post with some random pictures to make it lighter
And lastly: Kind of interesting actually. 

not feeling "worthy" as an artist by Jessica Andersdotter

Sup guys. What’s crackalackin? Personally I’m kind of excited, because I’ve been having ~*thinking sessions*~ about my ~*art*~ and had some ~*insights*~. The reason behind this is actually called “art school”. More specifically “application for art school”, where I need to write a kind of description of myself as an artist. Which seemed really hard but turned out to be MIND BLOWING and SO MUCH FUN. So today we’re gonna discuss my identity as an artist a little bit (a lot bit actually), and my journey to finally maybe feeling like I’m actually a “worthy” artist.

The rational part of my brain has known that me not being “worthy” is utter bullshit for a while now, but then there’s that insecure little fellow in the corner who is SO LOUD and was like “YES BUT NO BECAUSE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and then the rational gal left because she couldn’t stand the sound. That’s how brains work, right?not feeling "worthy" as an artist by Jessica Andersdotter

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about why I create, why I create what I create and things like that. The fact is that I’ve never been a political artist. It’s not like I don’t have opinions and thoughts about society, it’s just that I don’t process it through art. A lot of times I’ve felt like a lesser artist because of this, like my art isn’t as meaningful as art that has that deeper purpose or is political. I’ve tried searching for a deeper (political) purpose that would suit me, but that hasn’t worked out. Inspiration level: zero.

And this actually reminds me a lot of when I studied photography for a few years in school, and felt like my work wasn’t meaningful because it didn’t feature people. I remember some of my classmates creating these really emotional portraits, and there I was taking pictures of flowers. I felt so superficial and simple. It wasn’t until I graduated that I realised that this wasn’t at all the case. I was just doing something different from them, not something of lesser value. We all live our own creative lives, and even though I know that now it seems like I still question my own work whenever I’m surrounded by people that are (or seem to be) really confident about what they create. Which the ~world wide web~ is full of.not feeling "worthy" as an artist by Jessica Andersdotter

So back to my art today. I’ve been working almost exclusively with abstract art for a few months now, and it has kind of set me free from the thought that I need to have that clear message in every image. However, this lack of a clear message has in turn made me question if there’s any point in my work at all. Other than it being nice to look at. Because as much as I think that art doesn’t need any other purpose than that, I feel like I need more purpose than that.

And then I started writing that application. And I was like “Uh wtf do I write here? I make pretty abstract things that mean nothing?”. Because that’s honestly the way I felt about them, at least when I started questioning everything. But suddenly I realised – the secret to my art is that I don’t question it. It’s not about a purpose and a hands-on message, at all. Or a plan. It’s about something else – it’s about intuition and emotions. I don’t question the process, I don’t question the result, I create what I want to create and what feels right.not feeling "worthy" as an artist by Jessica Andersdotter

And how silly of me to have mistaken this for something superficial and simple. I should’ve realised it wasn’t that time someone called my art magical. I should’ve known that time a new piece made me feel so much. I should’ve known that time someone said “your art will make people feel again”. (Which is btw maybe the nicest thing someone has ever said to me.) The problem was that I hadn’t realised what I was actually doing.

Like, I’m letting my subconscious run free. Ever heard of that before? (If you haven’t studied art history you might have not actually but whatevs.) I’m being a freaking modern day surrealist. This is automatism. I’M DALI MOTHERFUCKERS. Only it’s abstract. And there are less melting clocks. Okay, I’m not Dali. Maybe I’m actually more like an abstract expressionist, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that I create based on emotions and intuition rather than ideas and logic. And that’s great!

not feeling "worthy" as an artist by Jessica Andersdotter

Because what was important with this was that I could also remind myself that neither intuition nor logic is better than the other when it comes to art, and that what matters is creating and creating something that feels right to you.

For me, art is a way to free myself from overthinking, eternal reflections and the constant demand for reason. I just want to be unreasonable, god dammit!! I want to glitch the hell out of those images and make them unrecognisable.

I want to let go of reality and reason and let my creative self do whatever it wants.
And I think I’ve finally realised that there’s a lot of artistic value in that. 

Artworks featured in this post:
IvyViola, Stella, LunaGrace.

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the flower book II: sju romantiska berättelser

Two days ago I went to a birthday party(/advent party) for Alicia and Andreas! Super spectacular and I ate all the lussebullar. (Actually, I’m writing this before it even happened, so I’m just assuming I did that. I heard there were a lot of them last year.) I really wanted to bring them some kind of gift, but I was really struggling with coming up with what to give them.

So anyway, I tried to come up with something I could create myself, and I don’t know but my digital stuff just didn’t feel right so I went back to basics and remade a Jessica Andersdotter classic – the flower book. (Made the original one in 2013.) _DSC0493So here it is! The book I used is called “Sju romantiska berättelser” (Translation: Seven romantic stories) which is so cheesy but also kinda cute and it suits the cutest couple ever!!! Haha. I mostly picked it because it has such a beautiful pattern on the cover._DSC0497 _DSC0502 _DSC0499
I had all the materials at home, the flowers were ones I bought a long time ago and have been keeping in a box under my bed, and since 2013 I’ve kept a few books with pretty covers. _DSC0507Lumos joined me as I was taking pictures of this, of course. _DSC0510He was very talkative as usual. _DSC0518 _DSC0514
And also cute as usual. <3 I love him so much.

And that was about it! I hope you liked it, Alicia! (Oh and Andreas hehehehehehe.) I even signed it for you, so when I’m a famous artist you can always feel safe that you have an ~*original*~.