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the ladies

elena copy penslar3_2 copy   bl-copy_28441603466_oalicia stor copy

Obsessed. Completely obsessed, that’s what I am. Making them all day. Thinking about making them when I’m not. Naming them like ladies. Because they feel powerful. The last one is even inspired by a specific lady.

Elena (my middle name OOPS), Freja, Idun and Alicia. We’ll see what’ll happen next.

These are my ladies so far.

my art & creations, photography & digital art


20160714_2883 copy 20160714_2880 copy20160714_2875 copy
For the theme Saga for Monthly Makers (see my creation + send in yours here) I started by using these pictures of a perfect rose in our garden and experimenting, and it turned out like this! I actually had a hard time picking which one to actually go for, but felt like the other ones were a little bit more dreamy and fairytale-y.

Also did you know what my best pun is!!! This:
What do you call a place where fairies eat pasta?
*mic drop*

(Also yesterday me and Mikaela brought our water bottles and power banks to Stockholm City and played Pokémon GO for five hours. I’m obsessed. Get live updates about my adventures over on twitterrrrrrr.)


my art & creations, photography & digital art

pixel sorting

Okay, so I’ve found this new technique that I’m completely obsessed with. I mentioned it in my latest Creative Monday post, but it’s called “pixel sorting”. It is kinda part of the glitch art movement, but I’ve seen people who think that it isn’t really glitching since there’s too much control and something like that but I don’t care! It looks like pixel rain and it’s absolutely divine.

There are a few different ways to achieve this look. Firstly, there is a free Photoshop action that uses the wave effect to create something that looks kindasorta like pixel sorting. You can find it here. Warning: the soft options take like ten years.
20160109_0712-copy_24244930366_o22It’s this droopy kinda wave style, and I do like the pattern in the background part!

Here’s what it looked like before the action. It was actually a candidate for the Saga-theme, but I didn’t quite like how it turned out. I would’ve wanted pictures of roses from above instead or something.

20160714_2880 copy

And then here it is on just some roses against a white background! I took some pictures of our roses in the garden with a white paper behind them to have for picture making, so I tried it on them!20160714_2880-copy_28325504906_o

Here’s what it looked like before!

And then there’s this app called Glitch (not Glitché, that has a lot of fun effects too but this) which I made a few cool things with and then realised the resolution was kinda crappy DESPITE the fact that I had “full resolution” active?!?!?! Get your shit together, app. Like it’s okay for Instagram but I want to be able to print it if I create something cool!28367016745_8b69b7d331_o
This one turned out kinda cool and I was super disappointed I couldn’t put it on my shop!!!!!frank-2016-by-jessica-andersdotter_23870716699_o (1)Here’s what I started with!28083919380_75208af0da_o And this one is probably one of my favourites! It’s from a picture of clouds but it turned out like some kind of underworld!!! So fascinating.20160316_3761-copy_26975123800_o (1) Here’s the original picture!28287008621_7805d34ffa_oAnd then a picture of fire was made into this!

But as I said, these are only online-worthy when it comes to resolution, and what I’ve been using the most is another technique. Well it’s two different ways of doing it that sort the pixels (uh idk if that’s the right way to put it but whatever) in different ways!

The first one is really the “original” one – using Kim Asendorf’s ASDFPixelsort script in Processing. Yeah. I was confused too for a while, but basically you use this visual arts coding software, use Kim Asendorf‘s code and run your pictures through it. It’s pretty simple once you have everything installed, and here is a video that explains it! But I just discovered that you can actually use the same code without the hassle of Processing and do it in your browser here.

And then the second one is this website. I don’t know exactly for which ones I’ve used which, so I’m just gonna show you my other pixel sorts now.

I tried to recreate the droopy dark one from the app, but it was impossible so I made it like this instead! I really like this one too though!!dan22nn

Especially how the dark leaves are dripping too. <3

mossa_2dsc_4272-copy_26684996673_oThis one, which is from this picture of dried seaweed.

28343769732_ff5ba30a02_ooceanogrfic_26052481241_oI really like this one, made from a picture of a coral reef at Oceanogràfic. (See more pictures from my visit there here.)molnn22nI also wanted to recreate the cloud one with better resolution, which took some experimenting but I got there in the end! moln_1One of them turned out like this, which is pretty cool too!rymd2And then I tried it on some pretty simple images of just a black background that I used a galaxy brush on, which turned out like this:rymd2_2And I then added some colour into it to make this:rymd2_22röd2And here’s another one where I did the same thing!27817640904_89b806882f_o (1)

There are a bunch of other ways that I’ve tried, but they’ve either not work, not been able to process full resolution images or just haven’t looked as good. :D

Oh and most of these are available on my Society6!


I especially like this shower curtain!

Untitled-1And this T-shirt!Untitled-1Oh and this pillow!!

And that was it for this weeks glitch news! ttyl!


monthly makers, my art & creations, photography & digital art

Monthly Makers Saga

It’s the 20th, and it’s time for me to share with you my creation for this months Monthly Makers theme! The theme is – as you probably know by now – Saga, and to participate you just comment with a link to your creation on this post! 

Oh how I’ve loved this theme. It’s SO perfect for me, almost too perfect, because as I started thinking about different ideas, I also started getting stressed out about the fact that what I actually created had to be spectacular. As a host, and with a theme that fit me like a glove, I felt the pressure. But then I thought about it for a while, felt stressed out for a while and then I was just like “hell no!” and I started just playing around with pictures. And it worked!

Here’s what I created:

hej3 copy he4 copyhej1_2 copy

They’re these fairytale images of woods, and I’ve created them in a new way to me. I’ve used brushes and hue/saturation and stuff and none of that double exposure stuff that I usually do. But I’m happy with them! They’re kinda crazy and I like it!   hej1_2 copyThe first one is my favourite by far, and I especially like this part.

Anyway, now to your part.

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative or create more. During 2016 we’ll have twelve monthly challenges for you to be inspired by. I’m the host for July and the theme is Saga. Link your creations in the comments below before July 28th to be a part of the compilation! Through doing so you’re accepting that we repost the images of your creation in a relevant context in our blogs and other social media – naturally with a link to your post.

The people behind Monthly Makers are Alicia, Anna María, Annica, BeataBeatriceElsa, Mikaela, Ruth, Sandra, StinaWilda and me. Get inspired, create and challenge yourself with us all year!