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remixes on hitrecord

I’ve been hanging out on Hitrecord (the website where you upload your stuff, where you are free to remix and use other things uploaded to the site and can find challenges – read more here) for a few months now, and while my activity on the site fluctuates I keep coming back to make remixes and collages out of images on the site. So I thought we’d take a look at a few of the ones I’ve made so far!

Click the images to get to my remix, where you can find the resources I used.

First out is this collage I made for a weekly challenge where you get a collection of images to combine into something new! The challenge is called Crate Challenge and it’s probably my favourite thing on the site. I try to participate every week! This was shared on the facebook page and someone commented that it was bad because “you can see the stars through the moon”. Hahaha.
Made this for the “The Art of Breaking Up”-project, I think. :D

This is a quite recent one where I pixel sorted a picture of New York. Turned into a ghost town. This is a simple double exposure but I think it turned out really cool! The two images work really great together!Drawing clouds.Found annamariamp’s illustration of a whale and was really inspired. Made this. My first remix ever was this double exposure/manipulation of clouds and a silhouette. One of my most recommended (which is what likes are called on the site) things I’ve uploaded. And then a few weeks ago (??? idk) I combined one of my own creations with a photo of a woman walking in a moon-like landscape. Really like how it turned out!

And that was it! You can check out my entire hitrecord profile here.

monthly makers

Monthly Makers January

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new beginning – today is the start of Monthly Makers 2017! And I’m the host this month!

Let me tell you a little bit about Monthly Makers.

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative. During 2017 we’ll be launching twelve themes – one for every month – to inspire and challenge you and to get you to create something new. This is because it’s easier to create with something specific as a starting point, because it’s more fun to create together with others and because you learn a lot from showing your work and taking part of other people’s creations and thoughts. Take part of the themes you want to, to the extent you want to.

This year we’re welcoming Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna and Julia to the gang and gratefully thank Anna María, Annica, Beata and Sandra for their years as hosts. For 2017 we’ve also changed the date we release the theme – giving you more time for creating. And today, January 5th I’m releasing the first theme of the year!

So! The theme for this month is:

Contrast! What a great theme! I’m so happy to be hosting this one, as there are endless possibilities and I think there’s room for so many artistic and creative interpretations.

You can make something with two opposites – dark and light, happy and sad or nice and mean. You can make something ugly as a contrast to constantly striving for the beautiful and go against what’s considered to be “the right way”. You can take a picture and just up the contrast like crazy. You can write a story about a fight between good and evil, make a dress out of two fabrics that don’t really go together and just anything!

_MG_5914You can combine happy pastels and dreamy light with sadness and tears like Beata did in this picture for a theme for Monthly Makers 2015 which was “Magic”.aliciasivert, alicia sivertsson, blackout poem, diktYou can use visual as well as thematic contrasts like Alicia did in this blackout poem. You can make something graphic and contrast-y like Mary Sane did when she printed with feathers for last years theme “Imprint”. DIY Patronvas | HungryHeart.seYou can combine something frail and beautiful with something that inflicts harm like Ruth did with this vase made of old bullet cases.Combine post-fire woods with pictures of animals like Mikaela did in these double exposures for Monthly Makers theme “Saga”.

Here are some other links to inspire you:
1. Embroidery on x-rays by Matthew Cox. 2. Flipped landscape by Witchoria. 3. Embroidery skeleton Audrey Hepburn by Sew Lovely Embroidery. 4. Melting porcelain by Livia Marin. 5. Glam banana peel by Luciana Rondolini.

And lastly our Pinterest board is filled with inspiration!

Here’s how it works:
1. Create something on the theme Contrast. Post it on social media (blog, Instagram or something like that) and use the hashtag #monthlymakers on Instagram or link to this post. Interpret the theme whatever way you want, our only rules are that it has to be made by you the month of the theme and that you write that you’re participating in a Monthly Makers challenge. Link to this post (@MonthlyMakers on Instagram) and feel free to use the hashtag #monthlymakers.
2. Visit my blog 20/1, when my contribution to this challenge will appear on this blog. That’s when you comment with a link to your own. I need your creation by 28/1.
3. I will compile everything we have created 31/1, and someone else will take over hosting next month.

Follow us on Facebook to stay updated about new themes and hosts, to get information about news and events and to be even more inspired. You can also find us on Instagram, Pinterest, our website and in the inspirational facebook-group We Are Monthly Makers.
The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are Alicia, Beatrice, Elsa, Emilia, Fredrika, Johanna, Julia, Mikaela, Ruth, StinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

my art & creations, photography & digital art


Alright, let’s continue our journey through my creative adventures of 2016.

July pt 2

In July I discovered pixel sorting. I was using apps and stuff for it at first but they weren’t that great. 28343769732_ff5ba30a02_oBut I kept experimenting and found other ways. Untitled-1
Made this and started selling stuff in my shop.

elena copybl-copy_28441603466_oI pixel sorted some more and started naming them like ladies. I still do.


Mikaela, abstract pixel sorting/glitch art by Jessica Andersdotter.Pixel sorting/glitch art by Jessica Andersdotter.Marina, abstract pixel sorting/glitch art by Jessica Andersdotter.Kept on pixel sorting! Blair, abstract pixel sorting/glitch art by Jessica Andersdotter.Made what is still my favourite. Blair. <3 Pearl I by Jessica Andersdotter copyFor Monthly Makers theme Pearl I made some explosive pixel sorted things inspired by mother of pearl. "Kendra", pixel sorting/glitch art by Jessica Andersdotter. And then I didn’t really blog all the things I made because I was busy creating haha, but I made Kendra.


"Gabriella", pixel sorting, abstract art, 2016. by Jessica Andersdotter.September came and I made Gabriella. Still love this one too. "Nicole", pixel sorting, abstract art, 2016. by Jessica Andersdotter"Kate II", pixel sorting, abstract art, 2016. By Jessica Andersdotter.Nicole and Kate II. "Cecilia", pixel sorting, abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterCecilia was my first attempt at making something that wasn’t dark and space-like. Turned out to be really hard.2 copyTook a mini-break from the digital and made a collage for Monthly Makers “Letters & Words”.


Image may contain: night, sky and outdoorAnd then I discovered generative art using a script in Processing. This was my first one which used very little Photoshop after the script.  res_2A7DF5AC_5Started post-processing and changing settings and kind of got there with Ursula.res_D3431E09_7Found the right settings and stuff and really liked Louise.res_5ADE6ACF_leksaker 1Spent some time in October with three geometric shapes for Monthly Makers “Toys”. "Frida", generative art, Jessica Andersdotter, 2016. Frida was one of the last really dark ones I made.
"Blossom", generative art by Jessicac AndersdotterAnd then I went full on pastel for a while. Fell in love with pink and purple and just wanted everything to look like cotton candy. Here’s Blossom.


"Viola", generative art by Jessica AndersdotterViola."Ivy", generative art, Jessica Andersdotter.Ivy. "All is not gold" pixel sorting by Jessica Andersdotter
Kept striving for pink with my creation for Monthly Makers theme Metal in November. Pixel sorted pictures of tin foil. _DSC0493Made a new flower book for Alicia’s birthday


"Valerie", abstract art by Jessica AndersdotterStarted trying out another digital abstract technique and made these shining distortions. This is Valerie. sapphire 62 ae klar copyJoyce."the weather outside", fractal art by Jessica AndersdotterAnd then I tried out fractal art! Which was kinda hard but fun but too slow for me haha. I made this for the latest Monthly Makers theme – Christmas.

"Manda", fractal art by Jessica AndersdotterAlso made this for my Secret Santa on hitRECord!! Her username was M.anda so I named this Manda. And then at the very end of December I made an explosion. Lorna. Happy New Year, friends. Hope you have a good one.

This isn’t everything, as this post would be far too long. I’ve been pretty productive, but most of all I’m really happy with what I’ve made during 2016. I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll come up with in 2017. I’m so happy creatively at the moment, and it’s such a great feeling. Yay.

How was your creative 2016? What are your expectations on 2017?

If you want to see more of what I’ve created, you can check out my portfolio, my Instagram and my Facebook page.

my art & creations, photography & digital art

my creative 2016 part I

2016 is coming to an end, and I feel like I want to summarize the year in some way. I’m not really interested in talking about what I’ve been up to, but I would like to look back at what I’ve made. I’ve done this for a few years now, and it’s always such a great confidence boost haha. To be honest I feel like I’ve had one of the most intense years of my life when it comes to creating, so I have a lot to summarize.

I had my first ever exhibition (together with Alicia) where I exhibited my photo manipulations. Looking back I don’t really feel like they were that great, and I hope I get a chance to have an exhibition during 2017 too and show my new work.

I also discovered a completely new way of working that I’ve been completely obsessed with, and have for the first time ever focused on one single technique for longer than a month at a time. And it actually feels great! I thought I would’ve gotten bored by now, but I keep tweaking and trying new things within the same field to keep myself interested. It’s working great.

But enough chitchat, time to look at what I’ve created! The images are links to the original posts where you can find more images if it’s a series.


heart of hearts by Jessica Andersdotter, 2016. Double exposure.The first thing I’ve made this year is actually still a favourite of mine. Self portrait + picture of a tree. Excellent. This is “heart of hearts” I actually re-edited this into another version later in the year which turned out like this:Heart of hearts, by Jessica Andersdotter
still by Jessica Andersdotter, 2016. I mirrored some images. This is “Still”. _DSC0196I had recently found out about prism photography and went out with my camera and a triangular prism in front of the lens.
burning skies, by Jessica Andersdotter. Photo manipulation with fire and clouds.
Re-edited an old one into this snowy dream. “Burning skies.”
witches, 2016. By Jessica Andersdotter, digital double exposure.
Made “Witches” with some self-portraits.
Witches, by Jessica Andersdotter I remade this one too!
Monthly Makers Imprint by Jessica AndersdotterMade these for Monthly Makers theme “imprint”.

February Golden twig necklace by Jessica Andersdotter

Made a golden twig necklace for Monthly Makers theme “wood”. This was the only thing I made that month?????20160222_2441Though the exhibition happened at the end of the month so I was probably stressing out about that.


Jellyfish Oceanogràfic Jessica AndersdotterI went to Valencia and took a million pictures at the aquarium there. <3

20160316_3784For Monthly s  theme “miniature” I tilt-shifted some images I took from an airplane om my way back from Valencia.


wings of spring, artificial petal bird by Jessica Andersdotter Didn’t create anything at the start of the month, but made this crazy bird for Monthly Makers theme “Spring”. Untitled-1And then I went full creative maniac and started The 100 Day Project, where I was supposed to upload an image on a theme for 100 days. My theme was “Lost Memories”. These were the first 6 ones I made.Jessica Andersdotter_6730Also went to the bonfire on Valborg and CAUGHT A DRAGON!??!?! Still can’t believe this. More fire images if you click through!


Lost Memories week 2 Jessica Andersdotter26289793164_c57b2fdbd0_o100 days of Lost Memories by Jessica AndersdotterIMG_5800Made more photo manipulations for the 100 day project. Check them all out by clicking the image above. Gave up after 40 days.Paint experiments for Monthly Makers, by Jessica AndersdotterPlayed around with paint for like two whole weeks? Had so much fun.


20160625_1317Went for a walk and took some pictures in Gnesta.

jandersdotter-2876643And then I found hitRECord = the best website ever. Read more here. This is a remix of two images on hitRECord, and you can find the remix herefrom the dark by Jessica AndersdotterFor Monthly Makers plants I scanned flowers. Still love these SO much. Named them “from the dark”.


(I was gonna do this post from January to June, but everything changed at the middle of July so I’m going to continue up until then.)
2Took some pictures with flowers in the bathtub. jandersdotter-2899055-copy_27848848266_oRemixed my scanned flowers and made them radioactive!

hej3 copyMade my creation for Monthly Makers Saga (when I was the host!).

And after that EVERYTHING CHANGED WOOO. I’ll tell you about that journey some other time.
L8r sk8r.

(Here are my creations from 2015.)