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Monthly Makers 2016 so far

Half of Monthly Makers 2016 has already passed, and I can only say that it has passed INSANELY fast. I can’t even believe it, it felt like it was just yesterday we decided on the themes and planned for our new year.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back through time and see what I’ve created in the name of Monthly Makers so far this year! Just click the images to get to the original post!

January: Imprint

Monthly Makers Imprint by Jessica Andersdotter

For the first theme of the year, which was Imprint (or Avtryck) I made a set of photo manipulations with scanned dried roses over some self-portraits! Still pretty pleased with these ones!

February: Wood

Golden twig necklace by Jessica Andersdotter

For the February theme, which was Wood, I made a golden necklace out of twigs! It was a bit of pain painting it, but it looks really cool so I guess that’s okay.

March: Miniature


Using pictures taken from the plane on my way home from Valencia, I finally tried an editing technique I’ve been wanting to try for years, where you add some tilt shift blur to a picture of houses from above, which makes it look like a tinytiny town. So cute!

April: Spring

wings of spring, artificial petal bird by Jessica Andersdotter

Okay, this was the weirdest thing so far. I made a bird out of artificial flower petals for this one. Had a lot of fun though, even though it looks a bit crazy.

May: Colour

Paint experiments for Monthly Makers, by Jessica AndersdotterPaint the world by Jessica Andersdotter
I experimented with paint for WEEKS for this theme, and finally settled for a couple of pictures where I added paint textures onto some photographs. In hindsight I wish I had made some of the paint experiments my actual creation for the theme, as I like them way more now than I do the weird greenish messes that are the digital ones. But yeah. I think the paint experiments never quite turned out like I wanted them to, which is why I didn’t pick them. But I think they’re pretty awesome now that I’m not blinded by what they could’ve been anymore. Anyway.

June: Plants


Okay, these are my favourites so far. SO DRAMATIC. And beautiful. Am I allowed to say that about something I’ve made myself? I’m gonna go ahead and say yes! They’re great, anyway.

So yeah, six themes done, six more themes to go! And they’re pretty awesome, I can tell you that! But you’re gonna have to be patient and find out what they are the 10th every month like everyone else! Stay tuned!

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative or create more. During 2016 we’ll have twelve monthly challenges for you to be inspired by.

The people behind Monthly Makers are Alicia, Anna María, Annica, Beata,Beatrice,Elsa, Mikaela, Ruth, Sandra, Stina and Wilda and me. Get inspired, create and challenge yourself with us all year! Read more here.


photography & digital art

a walk

I brought my camera with me through Gnesta (the place I live) the other day, and I found so many pretty roses. This time of year is too hot for me, but it is beautiful.  20160625_131320160625_1317 20160625_1319 20160625_1321
Like I just wanted to stay and take pictures of these roses forever.20160625_1323 And this door + roses. 20160625_1331
And dark red roses against a pale yellow wall.20160625_1344 20160625_1346 20160625_1348
Houses can be pretty too.20160625_1356But most of all the lake.

interiors & decor

thrift finds

I’ve found a lot of great things in thrift stores the past few months and I haven’t shared any of them with you! Disaster! So since the best thing would’ve been to start a few months ago, I’m just gonna have to do with the next best thing – today. True wisdom.

Alright, I’m gonna start with my two favourites – oriental rugs! Honestly rugs aren’t the best thing for me since I’m allergic to dust mites, but idgaf anymore and I’m gonna have some anyway because it’s pretty and nice.


I found the first one (here featuring the cat toy Alicia gave Lumos) at the thrift store across the road from where I live. I was home alone but got help to carry it home from the nice people at the store, and then we had our first rug! I can’t get a decent picture of the entire rug, and it was messy and stuff so you only get to see this. Hehe. But it’s blue and super pretty and is now on the floor in our living room!


We found the second one at an antiques store down in the town center. It was hung outside the store as me and my sister were walking by and I instantly fell in love. It’s such a pretty colour! And it goes perfectly with our wallpaper. Anyway, this one is in the kindalibrary room.


More recently when we were at the place across the street we found this cute lamp. It has a tiny table built into it?!?! So great. I think we’re gonna paint this one though. It’s currently stood in the corner hanging with our fern and the Medinilla Magnifica.20160625_1143Speaking of the fern we found these amazing blue flower pots at the grocery store! I LOVE THEM. We bought five…


For 10 SEK I found this beautiful russian porcelain rooster, and I’ve wanted one of these for ages but they always turn a little bit too expensive when I’ve found them online, so I was so happy to find this. I’m gonna have it out for Easter in the future I think, but it’s stood under a bell jar at the moment.20160625_1156
And then one of the best finds, which is just stood on the floor at the moment, is this beautiful painting. It is damaged there there to the right but honestly I don’t care because it’s absolutely stunning! Love it so much.

And that was it for this time! I actually have more stuff but we’re gonna take it chill.


good news good times

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So a few fun things have happened recently, and I want to tell you!!! 

Firstly, I was accepted to a project Moderna Museet in Stockholm is arranging for young creators using internet in their creations! I haven’t fully grasped what this is going to be, but it sound super exciting! The museum is going to be some kind of creative hub for us creators, with workshops, some way to affect the museum (idk how) and like EXCITING STUFF. It’s called Youyouers and you can apply here.

A few weeks ago I got declined a place at a design course at a school because I was “over-qualified” haha, so I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do this autumn. I had applied to a couple of other – short – courses, but nothing felt right. So a panicky evening I was looking for some kind of school I could go to, and found the one that is pretty close to where I live now that has art and crafts courses. I knew about this school, but had thought that I would only be able to get to with a car, and lacking a drivers license I didn’t even apply. But this time I did a bit more research, and there is a freaking bus that stops right outside the school? How did I miss that? Stupid me. But alas, the application had closed two weeks before.

But I was so lucky. I was so very lucky, because just the course I was looking at – a one year course focusing on art and crafts – had re-opened their application. So I wrote an application letter in half an hour stating how awesome I am and sent my application to them like I was greased freaking lightning.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

One day later my phone rang, and as someone who reaaaally hates phone calls I was so close to just ignoring it. I always ignore calls, especially from random numbers. But then a voice in my head said “Hang on. Haaaaaang on just one second, I’ve just applied to a school. I am now a person who receives important calls. I am kind, I am smart, I am important. Thank you, The Help.” That’s exactly what I thought. Promise. Anyway, I answered the god damn phone.

And guess what? It was the school! I bet you guessed that. It was pretty obvious, honestly.

So a really nice lady from the school called me to tell me that they had received my application and wanted to have an interview over the phone the day after. And I was like “Heck yes, ttyl homie.” I had to call back like five minutes later because we had decided on a time when I was going to an art exhibition (I am the master planner, and you all know it) but she was understanding and nice, so it was all good.

And then the next day I was super nervous but the interview went really well. She mostly just told me about the school and what I would do there, asked me a few questions and then just went “So should I put down that you want the spot?”. And I was like “Heck yes, ttyl homie.” No but seriously, I was so freaking happy! I wanted to use this many exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Here’s what I’m gonna do:

  • paint and draw outside in nature (it’s in a tiny village with a lake nearby so it’s probs really pretty)
  • textile art
  • smithery (both silver and iron or whatever it is (i’m gonna make a sword of valyrian steel))
  • woodwork where we’ll be BUILDING A CHAIR like I’m Ron Swanson
  • sculpture
  • ceramics
  • creative writing
  • masks for plays
  • have exhibitions
  • eat vegetarian lunches cooked at the school every day

It’s probably the most perfect thing ever. If you didn’t know I had some kind of infection/meningitis in 2013 and have had headaches since then, which have stopped me from studying or working. Luckily I’ve been able to live with my mother so it’s been possible for me to just take care of myself, but I’ve been set on getting back to life again this autumn, and this is probably the best way to do it. I’m so happy. (And also it’s great preparation for maybe applying to art school at university level next year but we will see about that.)

So I was walking on clouds for the rest of the day, and went to the exhibition at Art Lab Gnesta. I met some people I had previously been in contact with who work there, and when I got back home I got an e-mail from the curator at Art Lab who asked me if I wanted to work for them!!! So I got a school and a job in the same day!?!?! I’m going to be responsible for the exhibition during their open hours for a few times during the summer, and I’m so happy to just get to be a part of such a cool place.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

For the first time in forever I’m going to have real things to do, I’m going to do things that are so amazing and I’m so excited about life. I haven’t felt like this in years. You should all be happy for me, or we can’t be friends anymore. Hehe. But honestly. Hugs and kisses and smiles to you all.